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  1. Hello Daid, I am back on trying to repair the software after having to resolve some hardware issues. It would be really helpfull if you could send me a copy of your firmware for me to expiriment with since I still can't get any decent prints Replicator Could you send it to sanderxd@gmail.com Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, Thanks everybody for the help, I finally got my extruder moving. I am left with one more question, since everything is working like it should, I now need a decent skeinforge profile to get me started. I've already tried many for skeinforge 31, 35 and 39 profiles (40 and up interprets the extrution length different) but none seem to work propperly. With some the extruder works, with others it doesn't, I have no clue what to look for. Is there anyone who has an old skeinforge profile that works with the ultimaker V1.1? Thanks, Sander.
  3. Hello, I've just heard that cura will not work with the arduino mega 1280 however I can't find anything about it. Is this true? Thanks, Sander
  4. Hi, After heating the print head to 250 degrees and manually activating the extruder it started moving. (I used G1 E300) However when I try to print something (still heated to 250 degrees) the extruder does not start, this means there is something wrong in skeinforge. I am using skeinforge 39 (old extruder settings). I've tried many skeinforge 0039 profiles but none of them work. Does anyone know a good cura profile which should do the job? (I've checked dimension, it was enabled so that can't be the problem) I am not using cura because I only recently started to try to get this old 3-D printer back to life. I've never worked with it before (other people from my school made it). This was the software the printer used to work with so to me, this looked like a good starting point. I am deffenitly thinking of switching to cura when everyting works. I've treid cura however cura won't even detect the printer. "Error: Failed to autodetect" After today I won't be in school for a week so I won't be able to test anything for now. Thanks a lot for the help, Sander
  5. Hello, I am having a problem with my ultimaker V1.1 I am using replicatorG 0024 in comination with skeinforge 39. On my ultimaker i've got the marlin firmware running. Everything with the ultimaker works fine except the extrusion. The extruder does nothing. I am not sure wether this is a hardware or sofware problem. Is there a simple piece of Gcode with which I can check wheter this is a hardware or software problem? A piece of code which makes the extruder run. I already tried sending this piece of Gcode without any luck "G1 E300". Thanks for the help, Sander
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