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  1. Hey Gr5, thanks for your time. Attached the screenshots. I changed not much, only some basic settings, the rest is original UM2 settings. The speed i change at the controller to 60 %. http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/7070/qyu8.jpg Sorry the picture is also not better. I was thinking with all blue lines, the um2 should retract? Here the screenshot of the "square" vase: http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/7154/4osp.jpg Why are here the blue lines? Exactly there the UM2 fill the lines with material (stringing) [profile] layer_height = 0,2 wall_thickness = 0,8 retraction_enable = True
  2. I had the same problems with the clips. 1 bend the other one broken. Allready opened a ticket last week.
  3. Hi Markus, ich habe meinen Ultimaker 2 bereits erhalten. Habe aber auch schon im September bestellt. Jetzt werden erst nach und nach die Aufträge abgearbeitet, es sind bestimmt hunderte Vorbestellungen eingegangen. Da musst Du wohl leider noch etwas Gedult haben. Der UM2 hat keinen 2 Extruder, ist aber für einen vorbereitet. Dieser wird später als Option rauskommen. Makerbot kann nicht unter 0,1 mm drucken. Der Ultimaker 2 kann bis zu 0,02 drucker, das dauert dann aber sehr, sehr lange. Selber habe ich bereits mit 0,06 gedruckt, das geht um einiges schneller und die Qualität ist wirklich
  4. Attached the screenshot of cura. Look at this random jumps. http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/8546/whas.jpg I will test it today with a slower speed.
  5. Thanks for your post. Yes i think also that this is a cura failure. 1) yes i used the second one. No i redesigned it and cut off the top, and exported it again as stl. 2) i will test it tomorrow and give you a feedack. 3) with the original ultimaker pla i can go down to 215. With 210 the lines will not stick nice together so i need to go up to 215. I tested it with 60mm/s, should i go down there. Thanks.
  6. Hello Together, i've testet it several times, but the retraction on the UM2 with cura doesn't work nice. When the print starts, you hear the retractions. After some layers, the printer stops to retract and the stringing begins. (you here it from the step motor) I testet it with some different parts, but on every part were stringing. Changed the settings for temperature / travel speed and the retractions settings, but non wore working fine. Also the support structure strings really much, i think this was a problem some cura version before? Get anybody a nice print with retraction from
  7. Hey Guys, Now it's clear. Thanks for your feedback. Good tip with the 100mm/sec. I will try that on my next print.
  8. Hello together, Just wondering what 100% speed in the um2 controller means. Is it 100% speed, like set in cura? For example set 60 in cura = 100% controller? Also are the settings which i save in cura, are saved in the file on the sd card? For example, layer high / speed and other stuff? Thanks for feedback.
  9. Hey Mark, mine arrived also today. The fan should work. At the beginning only the third is active, but after the first layer all 3 are active. I also printed it from the sd card directly. I having also some little probs at the hands and ears. But for the first prints its ok
  10. Would really appriciate if you could print something at 0.02 like NachoKaoS allready ask.
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