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  1. i'm sorry can you explain me better which was the problem? I'm having this problem too and seem a file who is causing this.
  2. This is exactly what happened to me today. Did you fixed it somehow?
  3. thank you so much! This could help me a lot! But i'm not so familiar with this can you explain better how to use the crease angle thres?
  4. Hi, i would like to print a vase and i find out that the special option of spiralization is perfect. But i think that the requirment is that you have a filled solid stl without the hollow space in it. Since i have an stl of which i no longer has the original file to work with and i designed it already with the concave hollow part inside, i think i could not use the spiralization. So: I can i convert my stl to a filled solid? I would like to use meshmixer or if you have suggestions.. Thank you
  5. sorry found solution here: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/23441-cura-230-splash-screen-then-nothing-else
  6. Hi, i downloaded the last version and installed it but seems that crash down when it says "loading machines.." What can i do?
  7. Hi! I recently installed the Olsson Block on my U2. It seems a really great upgrade. Right now i tried only the 0,4 mm nozzle. I noticed significant improvement in printing. Probabily my older nozzle was at the end of his life. Now i've made a test: how can i understand this in terms of future settings?
  8. well all my filaments breaks in a simple way.... even the one who works. Should they bend or something like that?
  9. Thank you very much to all of you. that's interesting.Where and what? I don't think to store bad the filaments. Other filaments (like the orange for example) works fine. The black break immediately. Maybe it's just a matter of pigments inside... but i don't know how to avoid this behavior. Mostly because is starts well and then go suddenly bad.so: But for now is something i don't wanna try. Despite all with other filaments all it's fine. I think is the filaments and maybe the nozzle who is somehow damaged.
  10. Yes sure, i replaced it some month ago and indeed i noticed a great improvement. Yes i've done the atomic metod and also other things to clean completely the nozzle. I start to think that is the filament the problem.
  11. Well sander.. I'm glad you remember me... I'm here since the beginning of the u2. That's the u2 with black pla at 50 speed and max quality. Tried to increase the tempo to 230 but with low differences. All of sudden underextrude.
  12. Alla it's fine and then i get underextrusion and it ruin a 6 hours work...
  13. In the forum software update the gallery is gone?
  14. Hi, i noticed that i can't print at 0,1 if i do so the result is this: I always have to print at 0.06 for best results...but the time is not forgiving... And even at 0,1 there almost every time this kind of behaviour: Is it normal? I use Ultimaker2 with PLA default settings. How can i solve? Thank you very much!
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