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  1. I have the ultimaker original since 2013. Lately the display started to show sings of old age. I could not find the original sc204 display but the sc2004 seems a good alternative. Replacement is easy as shown in this video ( ) made by my daughter. Make sure you have access to good desoldering equipment as with a simple manual pump it did not work. Hope this helps, Johnny & Katleen Belgium
  2. Hi, Support wants the serial number of my ultimaker original. I have looked all over; Where is it located ?
  3. The connector to the printhead of my ultimaker original snaped. Its beond repair. I tried the ultimaker site but no the main cable is not sold there. Where could I find a main cable or one of the white 3 connections connector. Thanks, Johnny
  4. Hi, I tried some transparent PLA (https://www.ultimaker.com/products/pla-transparent). The print out is some mike like white. I wonder is that what it should be. In my book transparent is what I can see through. Am I doing something wrong ? Johnny
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