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  1. Hi Troy and gr5 Thanks a lot for your responses. I own a UltiController an I've added there a menu item to "cooldown nozzle" and "cooldown bed" as separate selections :-) But I'm still looking for a solution to activate the heated bed in netfabb. I'm sure this must be just a setting in the configuration file. I've seen the heated bed option working with the fabbster engine. I've called now the support of netfabb for a solution. Regards - Norbert
  2. Yes. I've defined the temperatures in the material settings. This will work. At start of printing, the bed temperature will change to the value defined in the material settings. But my goal is to configure netfabb for the heat bed option: There is a print screen of the prepared selection for the heated bed: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/gallery/image/1531-netfabb/
  3. Hat von euch jemand das beheizte Druckbett zusammen mit netfabb Basic for Ultimaker zum laufen gebracht. Ich kann zwar mit netfabb das Heizbett benutzen, aber nur indem ich mir mit M140 / M190 GCodes im Header behelfe. netfabb hat aber eigentlich die Benutzung eines Heizbettes im Ultimaker "Machine" Tab vorgesehen. Da gibt es eine Selektion: "Heated bed". Ich habe aber leider nur "No heated bed" zur Auswahl. Wie kann man diese Maschinenoption in netfabb aktivieren? Danke für jeden Tip - Norbert
  4. I can print with the heated bed using the M140 / M190 codes putted to the GCode Header. But I belive that there should be a better solution because netfabb seems to support a heated bed in the "machine" tab form. There is a selection for "Heater bed" But the only selection is "No heated bed" I think that it should be possible to configure the heated bed in the Ultimakerconfig.xml file.
  5. I've improved my Ultimaker with a heated bed too. After modifying the firmware, the Ulticontroller supports the heated bed. But I dont find a way to activate the heated bed in netfabb. I've set the teperatures for the bed in all material definitions. But there is displayed still only the selection "No heated bed" Thanks for help Norbert
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