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  1. yeaa !! just printed a Raspberry pi camera case !! I'm so happy i's working now I'm wondering how i can connect my wifi/usb dongle to the pi and how i can look at my Ultimaker when i use a different network then the Raspberry pi. I will post a Time lapse and a few pictures soon
  2. Hey Nicolinux The machine status is now OPERATIONAL !! I choose a different serial port and now i can control the Ultimaker ! let's see if i can send a G-code to the printer.
  3. yesss !! I'm verry happy !! it's working now !! octoprint is online in my browser and i can see myself from the camera. I put the image on the sd card by (Pi Filler 1.1.1) turn it on and the red and the green light turn on. Octoprint said 'failed to autodetect' got my serial port on AUTO and the Baudrate as well. Gr Menno Smit
  4. NachokaoS & Nicolinux first of all thanks for the quick response!!! # Info. i use a macbook, Raspberry pi model B, Raspberry camera, sd-card 8gb (class10), power supply 1000mA. Oke i empty the sd card and format it. I put only the octoprint image on the sd I think this power supply is good enough ? when i connect the Respberry to a hdmi computer monitor, the screen is now complete black when i turn it on. Accially the red light on the Raspberry and on the camera turn on. when i connect the Raspberry only on the Ultimaker by usb cable, and internet (wired) i cant find it when i t
  5. Hey Robin, My name is Menno Smit living in Purmerend Intrested in 3d printing sinds a year or so. Sinds 4 weeks i own a Ultimaker Experimenting a lot and now i'm working on a "project" Raspberry pi / octoprint for wireless controling my Ultimaker . I'ts good to know about the fablab Alkmaar, becouse i build my Ultimaker at the protospace fablab Utrecht. My full intrest is now on 3d drawing becouse i'm working on 3d printing with a fanuc industrial robotic arm. Gr Menno Smit
  6. Hey there! Is there someone on the forum using octoprint on a Raspberry pi I own a Ultimaker for about 4 weeks now, acualy the printer is located at my work. And everithing works great ! Sinds a week i'm intrested in the programm caled octoprint. Octoprint is a program to control your 3d printer over the web. You can control it via a Raspberry pi . I read the instructions on octoprint.org So i bought a Raspberry pi, download Raspbain, downloaded the octoprint.zip file en unzip it to put the image on the sd card of the Raspberry. Boot it up and now only Raspbain starts....
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