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  1. Hi guys, This is the problem I ran into every 3-4 days of printing now. It started with once every 2 weeks then it clogs more often from time to time. My printer (UM2) is at about 1500-1700 hours right now and I understand that any great machine would eventually need to replace parts due to heavy wear. So my question is why didn't the UM team chose to built the nozzle and heatblock as 1 piece? Why don't they build the machine so that the nozzle could just crew off like other cheaper machines? What is the age of a UM2 when users should start thinking about buying replaement parts? Where is the "nozzle/heatblock" combo on UM website so I can order it? I've been thinking just gonna go ahead to buy a heatblock and removable nozzles (for a different machine) off of ebay and try to fit it in my UM2. Due to the intensity of deadlines I have, I cant afford to reprint, wake up at 4 AM to check, realized it clogs, take it apart, clean it, run it again and hope it still work in the morning when I wake up. Thank you....
  2. My Ultimaker 2 got here a couple days ago and I was too busy catching up with my project so I couldn't post anything. Well, big thank to Sander and his team for getting it on time before I go home for Christmas! So thank you for that. The shipment arrived 3 days after it was shipped so that was pretty darn impressive. The packaging is nicely done too. There is no lose part and the box is pretty solid. The machine itself took me some time to get used to but that was expected. However, ABS plastic was a bit trouble for me because I didn't know how to set it up just yet. I was in a hurry to get stuff done so I switched to PLA plastic instead. It ran perfectly. I had the machine run nonstop for about 80 or more hours and it kept going. I finally ran into some jamming problem but I managed to fix it. One spool of plastic by Ultimaker can run for about 70 hours or so. So far it's a pretty reliable. I hope Ultimaker would include some oil just in case ( small pack like the grease pack). It would be handy since I didn't know about it before I ran into some problem. Overall, After all the wait, it finally came here. I wished it got here a bit earlier so I didn't have to sacrifice a week of break to catch up on work but... It's a good machine so far. I wish the best for whoever is still waiting!
  3. Ah! Thanks guys! I used ABS and it didnt work any time for a long flat print I knew about the head chamber technich from my previous experience with makerbots. I used to have to run 4 of them at the same time so I know the paint when you have to babysit them to make perfect prints. Im new to the heated bed and ABS plastic though. I changed back to PLA and it's all fine. They stick to the plate like hard glue. I still dont know how to work with ABS though. Maybe it's too cold where I live ( about 0 C out side). for now I will try to get my work done with PLA and mess around later with ABS. Thanks! I think Cura compare to Makerware is more stable when it com to slicing but the support structutrs arent the best. I'm having trouble with building parts with very limited contact with the bed to start with... Cura doesnt want to build supports for overhangs like "everywhere" like it says there. and the supports are a little bit hard to get off... Do you know what configurations are to have the best result?
  4. So I just got my UM2 today and doing some prints. The small one are fine but the larger prints (more contact with the bed) warp after 30 mins on the edges. I used Brim set up and have support on. My thought is the temperature different between the layers closer to the bed is much higher than the top layers to the top layers shrink which lift the corners up. I changed the bed temperature but have no idea what's the right temp to put? Any idea? Thank you so much!
  5. Hey Thank you Gr5 "Gru5". Though I dont know what R number is and where to find it. I checked out as guess so I dont even have a history of what I bought on my account. So I have no idea.
  6. Though I hope it's shipped or will ship Monday...
  7. Well they said they will have a shipping confirmation today which is Friday. When I said "nothing yet" I meant there is no confirmation today as they said yet...
  8. Hi Sander, I replied to your email you sent me 2 weeks ago. Then someone responded for the a couple time but then the last 2 emails I sent didn't get any feedback. Still no shipping confirmation today yet though. Thanks for replying here Sander.
  9. Ultimaker emailed me 2 weeks ago about my order and said it should ship Monday next week. They also promised a 150 Euro coupon. Throughout 4 emails I sent them I kept mentioning about the coupon so that I can order some more plastic but it seemed like they didn't want to respond to those reminder. So I don't know what to think about that. I hope they ship my order on Monday so it will get here before I leave for Christmas. Honestly, the coupon or money can't buy back the time I lost waiting to finish my projects. Plus, I thought I would save money and time to order a printer to make models for my projects. It turned out I had to spend my already over spent college budget to catch up with my graduation deadline. I am sorry about all this rant and I promise I will disappear forever if my printer is shipped on Monday the 16th. Just get it here please. And not answering emails is not helping your company image at all... Now as we talked before, worse case is Ultimaker can't deliver on Monday the 16th as they promised. Chances are this will happened ( it would be the third time to break a deliver date to a customer. Wow!) I agreed with them that they would ship on Jan 6th when I come back from break, which is...fine I guess. However... If this is still no sign of delivery on Jan 6th, I will CANCEL the order. Granted Ultimaker could possibly the best printer out there now but I really don't think it's worth my precious time waiting.
  10. I would be totally cool if before october 21st they made a public announcement that say "hey, we dont think we could take anymore order at this moment because we are already so behind in production" i would be happy to turn around and find a different printer. At the end Ultimaker is not only a product, its a business. A great product doesnt make a great business. Your timing of release date and production is completely off by months, even by half a year i must say.
  11. Wow its crazy how dissapointed this is. If the company felt like they couldnt deliver most orders at the release date which is on october 21st, they should have made an announment to postpone the release date so whoever want to order know they are behind and seek for some other solution out there. I think the picture was pretty clear when you have thounsands of orders and a few printers actually made. I dont want to make the team anore stressed but im here worry about the quality of my work at my graduation show in May14 too, which is a huge milestone in my career.
  12. Based on what the company said, mine should be shipped tomorrow. I hope its true. I am already so behind on my work.I would have only 4 months of this project left to finish it. I planned to pay some money to print out my models but I thought i would order this machine and get everything printed out for cheaper. Now that I spent $3000 on this machine, I dont have enough money to go out and print stuff. It would cost me about the same as this printer. Plus, I'm going away for Christmas break for 3 weeks so I wont even be at my apartment to sign the delivery. So... Please please please get it here before December 15th.... Please........ Please...
  13. How do I check my order status when I didnt create an account when I ordered? Order R476078042 Invoice 10207 Order Date: October 13, 201It's a bit annoying when I cant figure out how to know the details and it seems no one is answering the door...
  14. Question: How do you check your order status? Is there a page where I can go in, submit my order number and get a status check? Because this is taking soooo long to reply. $3000 is a lot for a college student like me to let it float around somewhere i dont know... I dont even know if ultimaker has my payment ornot since there is no sign of official receipt confirmation from Ultimaker. All I have is my paypal receipt saying that I have sent away $3000. Please please get back to me about my order. This is scary and frustrating. My email is danghhoang990@yahoo.com. Thank you!
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