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  1. To be on the safe side I put the cable professionally measure and is fine:-(. Bug is elsewhere.
  2. Yes, Sander wil be send me new cable. I hope it will solve the problem! Thank you very much for your help. P.
  3. Hi Sander, Yes, I did update from CURA - default version, UM2 shows last firmware 13.11-2. The cable appears damaged, I tried to straighten it, but I do not know if the cable fault of SD card reader! Could you describe me what cable directly communicates with the SD card? thank you Pavel some pics from motherboard UM2, pls checkit ------------------------------------------------- https://www.dropbox.com/s/ufvjc68l6q7ml9b/um2_sdcable2.JPG (is it ok, that some connector with blue/gray wires is free ...not connected??? https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzmoi98ffdax0bo/um2_sdcable.jpg
  4. So, I tried to move with both cables, pull out from connector and get back agin. Still same problem...only message "Reading card". Oppps. I do not like fold of the cable on the input exp1...look at pic. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzmoi98ffdax0bo/um2_sdcable.jpg It is right that one of the cables (white, blue) is freely? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ufvjc68l6q7ml9b/um2_sdcable2.JPG
  5. Hi all, Today I got 2 UM, over month waiting. Great!!! But I was quickly disappointed. When I wanted to make a first printing UM after calibration, the system display the message "reading SD cards ..." and nothing. I tried use another sd card, reinstall the firmware, save a new print file through Cura. I still get only message 'reading sd card" and nothing more. Does anyone have the same problem? Best Pavel
  6. Today I got UM 2 but I have a problem with SD card reading. Initial setup and calibration UM2 was without problem, but when I want to print, SD card displays "Reading card ..." and nothing. Of course SD card is inserted has STL and Gcode data. On MacBook I see that card is functional. I tried to format the card, save only one file UM Robot directly via Cura software to SD card. The result is still the same… "Reading card… and 2…..10, 20 minutes nothing. So, I re-updated the firmware on UM2 - version 13.11-2. No change. I tried to use another SD card. Nothing…"Reading card"..and endless waiting... I do not know what else to try, where is a problem? Can you help me? P.S. I tried to move with both grey cables on the bottom of UM2, but still same msg:-( https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzmoi98ffdax0bo/um2_sdcable.jpg
  7. Hello, I sent and paid the order of Ultimaker 2 on 14 october. Is there any estimate of date when the goods will be sent? Is it possible next week? Best Pavel
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