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  1. thanks for the prompt response Daid, However I think i need to change the title of this topic. I installed the update as instructed but now the fans no longer turn on once the first layer is laid. I let it go for a couple of layers but nothing. I have checked the settings in Cura and all seems as it should be - allow cooling check cool after layer 1 fan 100%. Any ideas? the heat sink fan still works though.
  2. Any news on the firmware update Daid? I am still waiting to print a decent print over an hour long. I tried a new 1GB SD card this morning and only got 1 and a half layers of a 40mmx40mm calibration box. I really would like the printer to print in 3D and not 2D.
  3. its a 2GB Sandisk card included with the printer. I have just found a whopping 64MB card in the draw of bits and bobs but to be honest if it is a known firmware fault I think I will wait till monday
  4. Think the printer will be put to bed until Monday as I am getting the SD error message far to often.
  5. It came with the printer not sure when HC kicks in I believe it is 2GB im trying an owl at half scale at the minute once finished (fingers crossed) I will have a look.
  6. literally just happened as I was hyping it up.
  7. Thanks for the tip Sander im too used to drag and drop. BUT it looks like i spoke to soon. My son wanted an owl and liked the usual test piece that everyone prints. So off it went it had been going for over an hour and then the dreaded- Error reading SD card message appeared all he got was a rather good looking bit of stick with a few claws showing. Daid said this error is known about but it seams to be happening all to often any news on a firmware update? My son may only be 2 but I think he was more disappointed than me
  8. Just thought I would let you know don't want any unnecessary shorting out. I tried printing with the lights off as I was using glow in the dark pla but you just got to have the lights on so you can see it all unfold before you. Thanks gr5 this is my first 3d printer so its all abit new to me wasn't sure if it was to close or too far so did some one the fly leveling to see which way to go. Watch out for the fan shroud catching on the glass clip whilst doing large prints. Will upload photos when i find out how to. Its all a bit of learning at the minute.
  9. First print was the failed UM robot next up was the star in normal mode-I think then the Brio/Duplo brick printed in low quality. A few holes remained in the top of the brick but it was low quality and the train chug over happily. The boys wanted some glow dark stars and these have a few un-adhered areas on the first layer but to say its day one or hour 6 to be precise all is good. Just watch those LED loops in the top corners Daid or Sander or whomever is on the build line.
  10. Top tip. I melted a school friends fingers many years ago. I can see the same happening to me in the not too distant future.
  11. Thanks Ultimaker I recieved my UM2 at about 4pm this afternoon and all seems to be well perhaps a little too well. The glass plate did slip during shipping but was hanging on by one clip no damage though. All fans seem to be fine. The heat-sink fan is on all the time even when not printing but the other fans only turn on once the bottom layer is finished as they should. I opted to print the UM robot first but it got about 20% and had an SD card error. Loaded my own prints on the supplied card and so far no probs. I have noted the wires for the lights on the front upper left corner are rubbing
  12. Its within 20 miles of me but as its now the weekend its stuck there till at least monday. Whish I hadn't got a working tracking number;)
  13. Looks like my suspicions were correct just checked my new tracking number and it appears to be on the move:) Disappointed that I was lead to believe this was the case on Monday. So if you get an email and your account says shipped then don't start jumping for joy just yet.
  14. I could understand some stock going to a distributor but when i asked Imakr if they would be stocking the UM2 on the 25th the said its something they would probably look into in the future. So how come i can order one from imakr and have it delivered tomorrow? Did they queue jump?
  15. Hello NachoKaoS, I believe my order went through on the 25th sept but i had trouble with the payment.
  16. Ok so now i am confused. I got an email 4 pm uk timeon monday to say my order had shipped. I must have pressed the tracking button a million times but get no results. I put a ticket in last night and this morning received an email from Marrit to say that my order has shipped and the tracking number has changed. Question - when a ticket is resolved do you get the ticket number quoted somewhere in the response? I do hope this is not UM stating that my UM2 has only just shipped as thats what it sounds like.
  17. Corey did you order from imakr? Looks like i should have waited and ordered it from imakr as it would have arrived sooner and also would not have incurred an international credit card charge. But i never have been patient.
  18. I tried every DHL website i could find but the tracking number is not liked. After waiting nearly 2 years to decide and order i suppose a few more days won't harm
  19. One of his ears got a bit chewed up or was that my youngest testing the strength/taste of the pla. Impressive to see what can on a bouncing print bed.
  20. I saw both ultimaker and makerbot at the tct show in birmingham. Needing an abs cabable printer i was hoping to see the replicator 2x in action but it was not on display for some reason. So seeing all those ultimakers bouncing around on the print wall and still managing to print a half decent mini robot and the ultimaker2 printing an adjustable spanner before my eyes i went for the ultimaker2. I had ordered a qu-bd rxl but as of yet i still would have not recieved it and if i continued with the order, the odds seem to sugest it would not arrive in one piece. So as Ultimaker have started to shi
  21. Not entirely sure when my UM2 order went through as my bank declined 2 transactions. I received an email on monday to say it had shipped and my online account shows a tracking number but as of yet there are no tracking results. Hope that big yellow van didn't brake down in the car park.
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