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  1. I think it looks pretty awesome and if it turns out to be good then will definitely think about getting out. But surely there are dangers with it, for example one can just 3D scan anything and then print it off even if the design doesn't belong to them. What's to stop someone going into a shop, scanning a lamp shade (or whatever) and then printing it at home. Surely that's against some form of copyright laws??
  2. I recently experienced problems with my PLA on my UM2. After reading this post I measured it and at the section where it jammed the filament was 3.3mm! I unravelled it and looked at the rest and it seems to be alright. Think it was just a glitch in that section of the reel. I will watch it closely though and if I have any more problems I will take everyone's advice and switch my supplier. Thanks everyone!
  3. Hey, Try thre3d.com it has lots of different materials at pretty competitive prices.
  4. Hey I would say that the print quality of the UM2 is better than the UM1. Also, from my experience, the UM2 is more reliable and easier to use. I seem to have had fewer failed prints with the UM2 (though that could just be me / I had a dodgy UM1). Either way, if you get a UM1 or a UM2, I don't think you'll be disappointed!
  5. Hey, I've had the UM2 for a month or so now. I print something every couple of days, mostly small things as I'm still getting to know it and seeing what it can do and how far I can push it. I've not noticed a significant increase in my electricity, definitely less than I was expecting. On average it amounted to $0.54 per day extra to run (less than $17 per month). I would say that it's definitely worth it. I love my UM2!
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