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  1. @nallath I can send the files to you in a direct message, The file can not be shared in public as it is a design for my business i run...
  2. Cura 3.2 & 3.2.1 is crashing trying to slice dual prints I installed 3.1 and all is fine... Picture and cura log attached... Cura.log
  3. 3D Prints section looks a bit of a mess... https://community.ultimaker.com/files/category/1-3d-prints/
  4. I use VCL player as someone suggested on here, go to open network stream and put in the address http://xxx.xxx.x.xxx:8080/?action=stream then you can record the stream.. if you do a search there is better instructions on here somewhere..
  5. I use E3D Scaffold material for support with Fillamentum PLA
  6. Hi @ian It is made by E3D, it is PVA/PVOH-based but easy to print with low viscosity You can read more about it here http://e3d-online.com/Scaffold-Support-Material
  7. Ok last update, Did a print using E3D scaffold material and all turned out ok... . .
  8. I have this issue on my UM2 but not the UM2+ both use the same SD card manufacture, but i now have the UM2 rigged up to Octoprint and now i do not get the error at all....
  9. Couple more prints dual colour before moving on to some PVA this weekend
  10. Hi @SandervG I just got an email from them saying Ultimaker has told them to offer me a spool of filament is that correct a spool of filament for a cosmetically damaged £3000 printer ? I would at least expect a complementary core ;-)
  11. Yeh i contacted reseller but seems to have fallen on deaf ears, funny thing is the day before when they was selling it to me they were very quick in there responses to my question's... Will contact them Monday again if not the manufacture will have to sort it....
  12. Hi Guys Not been around since the forum upgrade I see there is still issues but anyway thought i make a post about my Ultimaker 3 For the last 6 months i have started a hobby/business (vapes3d.co.uk) printing vape stands and i have been designing simple dual color prints using the pause method for, but now i should be able to get more creative with the UM3 Here it is sitting in-between a couple of my other printers for now the other side of the room has my UM original so i have the whole family and a BigBox... All packaging look fine no external damage and internally everything was fi
  13. Hi Guys Selling my Ultimaker Original 3D Printer Plus HotBed Upgrade And Ulticontroller Just listed it on Ebay but if anyone here would like it you can have it for £500, Cash on collection... I have had the printer for a couple of years now, i have installed the Ultimaker hotbed upgrade kit worth £260 I have the original bed to include with the sale. I have also added an additional fan to the hot end for better cooling of the prints. And it also comes with the extruder drive upgrade and the Ulticontroller. Reason for sale is i have 4 printers and running out of space so one has to go. I c
  14. Hi what file/settings do i need to change so i can set RETRACTION SPEED to 70mm/s currently limited to 25 for a custom machine setup Using a BigBox printer with titan feeder, 60-70mm/s for these printers is stranded.. Looking through the file (fdmprinter.def.json) maximum is defined as (machine_max_feedrate_e) now i am stuck
  15. Page 33 is showing on the overview page and when you click on that it takes you to a blank page 33... but when you click on page 32 it works so i assume this post will end up on page 33 now Edit: so yes this is now top of page 33 so the overview screen is reporting the next page before there is any post actually on the next page...
  16. @sandervG sent, its not taking me to page 33 it takes me to page 34...
  17. @sandervG I just clicked on a notification for this thread and it took me to a blank page, page 33
  18. I just won 2x Business Conference passes direct from the 3D print show guys for Thursday will anyone be going ? or you all Saturday people ?
  19. spell check working here using firefox....
  20. Have you checked the pulleys are tight on the shafts ? are the short belts nice and tight (motor's not lose) ? Are the limit switches actually being activated when the head is in the home position ? you should here them click if you move the head by hand to the home position ?
  21. Hi KPK Yes make sure you have the latest version of Cura and then plug in your printer to the computer and update the firmware using Cura..
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