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  1. Jep . these are quite strong: Nema 17 with 52 Ncm. costs 20€.
  2. Sometimes this german shop has some cheap steppers: www.pollin.de I intend to buy this : http://www.pollin.de/shop/dt/NTQ1OTg2OTk-/Motoren/Schrittmotoren/Schrittmotor_PSM57BYGHM201_0_9_.html%C2%A0%20)%20one%20for%20my%20extruder%20since%20it%20has%20more%20power,%20but%20it%20has%20not%20the%20typical%20NEMA%2017%20flanges.%20If%20you%20use%20this%20you%20propably%20need%20to%20adjust%20your%20design%20to%20it. one for my extruder since it has more power, but it has not the typical NEMA 17 flanges. If you use this you propably need to adjust your design to it.
  3. Did it work?! Coool.... I had that design laying around for about nine months. Never printed it 'cause i didn't think it would work.... Greetings Jump
  4. Also the wood could be changed. If someone has access to a cnc-mill then he/she could make the z-table out of more rigid material as the wood "can change by 0.5mm by just tipping it"....
  5. I haven' yet tried to enhance my z-accuracy so forgive me if i bring up a topic that was already there but could a ballscrew be of any use? As far as I know they are really expensive (around 80€ for a 8mm one in our size) but much more accurate than leadscrews (and they have 30% less friction, but i don't think that this is of any use in the slow-moving z-stage).
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