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  1. My UM is working Normal but the UM extruder is running very slow like a vibrator I tried replacing the other driver same nothing difference And I removed the jumpers on the board, but the motor is running but very noisy could you please help me on this it is a workstopper..........please
  2. this box's (10 10 10) printed different times but almost the same size it has printed (10.3 11.02 8.49).
  3. hi i forget to mention my printer is a UM1 DIY i was jest learning you know am an artist i try to make my own 3d printer and i made it its printing fine but not in the proper dimensions. a was trying to fix this issu but con'd make it
  4. Hi guys thanks for your help ya i have checked belts those are looking fine and i used some objects to make the axis Aline also so that regarding axis is fine i believe. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:38300 and i try to install the firm ware but no use.. pl z advise me in this regards kesav http://kesavart.blogspot.in https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B59oa8uNOQnpeTIyTTdTUlpsMG8/edit?usp=sharing
  5. hi very good morning i was trying to print a skull and i have found that my print is not matching the 3d model it is some what same but it got distorted by Y and squeeze by Z. my settings in cura shows me XYZ are (49.5, 67.99, 54.99) but it has printed like (49, 73.26, 47). am trying to post some pics but i couldn't make it can you tell me where to post pics. Thanks for your help A watching for your response kesava http://kesavart.blogspot.in
  6. plz can any one help me in this plz.........
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