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  1. Great that's just the kind of info I was looking for! It will be so refreshing to not be tied to proprietary hardware. Yeah they are just regular steppers, I think they are like vexta or some brand like that nema 17 or 24 size if I remember. Good to know about the extruder. Maybe I will just check around thingiverse for one to make. There is an extruder on the old one but it was made for small wafers, not spool. But it is stepper driven so maybe I can rob some parts for a new one. Thanks for the info.
  2. Looking for some advice from folks familiar with the Ultimaker original. I am in the US. I have an existing Stratasys genysis XS 3d printer which I have had for years. The software is really old, only runs on windows NT, and they quit selling some of the wafers it uses. I had a board finally die recently so I am thinking of retrofitting it and liked the looks of the Ultimaker as far as speed and precision. The current machine is precise and well designed, Thompson linear rails, heated platen(build platform) and good sized stepper motors. When it was working was very nice. I am thinking of replacing the electronics and extruder with Ultimaker parts. Does the software used in the Ultimaker only work with their build envelope size or is it adjustable. Does the hardware only work with specific stepper motors? Here is what I am thinking I would need to buy, please let me know if anyone thinks I am missing something. Bowden tube Full assembled electronics(Ardino mega and 4 A4988 controllers) Hot end upgrade V2 Extruder Drive upgrade Any thoughts would be appreciated. Even if you think it isn't a great idea. Thanks, Chris
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