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  1. Hey Daid, i just want to give feedback, it was my SD-Card. Yesterday i did one 5h, two 2h and one 1hour print without any problems with a new SD-Card. Thanks for your help!!!
  2. Maybe it can be the SD-Card, i can't remember if the problems started with my new SD Card. But it can be, the original SD-Card from my Ultimaker broke and i had to use a new one. I will try formatting the SD-Card an do some test prints. If the problem persists i will try a new SD-Card. I'm sorry, but i can't find the "eject"-button in Cura. I have 3 buttons: "Load", "Toolpath to SD" and "Share on YouMagine". Even in the menu i can't find and eject entry. Edit: i found the eject-button
  3. No, i don't. But i can try that this afternoon.
  4. So, i did another printjob and the problems persists. Printed with "UltiGCode" and a cut-off of 0.01 as Dim3nsioneer suggested. Before the parts of the layer misses, the extruder motor tries to extrude a lot of filament, but he skips, the movement keeps going to another point far away from the printpoint. You can see it in the first pictures. I tested it with Cura 14.07, Cura 14.03, Cura 13.12, all the same. I don't know what the problem could be. The problem appears on own created STL-Files and on downloaded STL-Files (YouMagine, Thingiverse).
  5. Ok, i can try that. My parts are created with PTC Creo 2.0. Edit (24.07.2014 11 am): Tried the same print with the same settings, just to be sure that the problems persists on the same place of the model. The problem is reproducible at the same place. GCode Flavor "RepRap (Marlin/Sprinter)" worked well in the past. Tested the same print with GCode Flavor "UltiGCode" and the problem is gone. So something doesn't work right with GCode Flavor "RepRap (Marlin/Sprinter)" since the newer (14.xx) versions of Cura.
  6. Thanks for the hint. But the problems persists at every print. In X-Ray Mode everything is ok with the models.
  7. Hey Community, i have some problems with Cura 14.07, 14.06 and maybe 14.03. Cura misses sometimes parts of a layer. Here some pictures: In the first layer Cura misses some parts of the layer, but even in the middle layers. The problem persists at every print, not only on the print at the picture. I loaded the default profile and saw that the "Fix horrible" - "Combine everything (Type-A)" checkbox is activated. The prints with the problem are all printed without this checkbox activated. Could this be the problem? In Cura layer view everything looks good, no signs of the missing par
  8. Hallo, biete hier 3 Rollen (1kg Rollen) meines ABS Filaments (3mm) an. Das Filament ist von IGo3D und läßt sich sehr gut drucken. Ich hatte ein 6kg Sparpaket bestellt, ich brauche aber bei weitem nicht so viel Filament wie ich dachte. Eine Rolle kostet bei IGo3D 24 Euro. Mein Preisvorschlag wäre: ABS blau oder grün 10 Euro pro Rolle ABS orange fast neu 8 Euro PS natur 18 Euro (von German RepRap) PLA schwarz Rolle (nicht abgebildet) 2,1 kg von German RepRap 40 Euro wurde einmal benutzt Bitte per PN bei mir melden. Hello, Offered here 3 rolls (1kg per roll) of my
  9. The Problem is only when using "Brim" and "touching buildplate". I tested this part with "Brim" only and everything works fine.
  10. Hey Ultimaker, i started printing (Cura 13.11.2) some parts and i was wondering what is wrong with my brim, it doesn't touch the part. I checked the same part and settings with Cura 13.10 and what should i say, with Cura 13.10 it works. Look at my screenshots Cura 13.11.2 (Brim doesn't touch the part) Cura 13.10 (Brim touches the part) It's only when using "Brim" and Support "Touching Buildplate." So i have to use Cura 13.10 for some parts until this problem is solved.
  11. My fans were also loose and some of my screws didn't grab the metall. I don't think that rivets are such a good solution, if you have to change your nozzle or something else on the printhead you can't get the fans and the fan-mounting out of the way. I screwed off the fan-mounting, drilled a hole of 2mm and cut M2,5 thread in it. The metal is very thin, so maybe http://www.flowdrill-gmbh.de/ is a good solution for more thread. You can see a video how it works at the Homepage.
  12. Hey George, the 3rd fan is running, the other fans are off because i was printing ABS without fans. I moved the printhead while my printer was off. It isn't the fan, it is at specific positions on the y-Axis. It isn't the fan mounting, i screwed it off and the noise isn't gone. I've looked everywhere and have no more ideas what it can be. Edit: I checked the Ultimaker again with a college, it's definite the bearing from the Y-Axis in the "Home-Position" corner. A case for the warranty? Maybe Sander can contact me?
  13. I tried everyting, nothing helps. LED strips aren't loose, tested all drivebelts, cables, end stops, nothing rubbing against the pulleys. So i think it's one of the bearings. It's only when Y-Axis is moving, the noise comes from the area of the Home-Position. i took a second, http://youtu.be/OGwOf2_8bWo.
  14. Hey Ultimaker, my UM² makes some whirring/buzzing noise at the Y-Axis at certain positions. I took a Video, you can hear the whirring/buzzing noise. It's only when Y-Axis is moving and comes from the corner where the "Home Head"-Position is. Maybe a damaged bearing? It's a bit annoying because the UM² is in my immidiate vicinity. Regards Roman
  15. Thanks for your help! I'll still use the USB Connection for a while until i found my settings for my printing. Then the UM² hast to leave my desk and comes on his final place behind my desk and ill use the SD-Card.
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