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  1. SD card not inserting complete in need instruction to remove and repair or replace.. its seem I have to remove the front of the um2 to remove the PCB board becuase of the knob, is there a work around?
  2. For my 3D Hub post https://www.3dhubs.com/austin/hubs/vinay
  3. ED-209 Vs Ultimaker Robot :eek:
  4. Building a little army of robots!
  5. I Bring YOU IroN Fist!! :grin: No I will not publish the design files! This is only a prop and just for fun... Display only! In fact I will NOT Publish any design related in harming anyone or the Ultimaker community.. I apologies to the community and Ultimaker.. layer Height 0.1mm Temp 195c Speed 30mm/sec
  6. accurate in fitment :mrgreen: layer height 0.06 Temp....... can't remember tested so many LOL :roll: I must say I learn alot from just making all these rings testing the limits of the ultimaker 2 wow it actually prints will for something so small AFTER you tune it LOL I'm surprised it printed I use BLENDER to make my Models this program works perfect for me and along with other programs like meshmixer and I sometime cut the upper support and add my own in combination.. still trying this out.. oh Meshmixer has been updated didn't know about until today..
  7. Gear test, Printed on the Ultimaker 2 layer height 0.1 Iphone 5 case
  8. Where did you get your PLA? I usually print at speed 30% temp 193c to 200c white PLA bed temp 63c to 65c I keep my Ultimaker 2 in the closet with the door close when I print and damprid bag close to the PLA filament to dry up any moisture.
  9. Most of my Prints so far! Having so much fun with the Ultimaker 2, all the prints are layer height 0.1 except the ring 0.06. I have PLA, ABS and FLEX I'll be testing them soon..
  10. Most of my Ultimaker 2 Prints layer height 0.1 except the ring 0.06 :mrgreen: check out my Gallery.... Good things come for those who wait...
  11. Thanks Didier Klein and everyone.. :mrgreen: I wonder this myself lol but everything seems to work fine and I turn the volume up on the video its not as loud as it seems... I think its my movie editor, I usually turn it up all the way just in case I decide to add music.. But if anyone notices any weird noises compare to your own UM2 let me know Please I will investigate..
  12. I'm unemployed too LOL count me in!!!! :mrgreen:
  13. I made a simple youtube video of the Iphone 5 case build and you can see how easy it is to remove the gear and the phone case.. Sorry about the music I took it off lol so you can hear the machine and when I remove the case.. layer height 0.1
  14. Ring test print layer height 0.06.... can you go lower? temp 210 speed 30
  15. I usually set my bed temp around 60c to 65c... bed temp reading
  16. iPhone 5 Case I'm still working on customizing it but so far the gears came out pretty good on White PLA Printed at 100% speed and layer height 0.1..
  17. Not sure but it is a pretty simple model to customize on Blender.... I never use solidworks can you compare solidworks to blender?
  18. Here's My latest Print, I like making videos pretty fun.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFHQExLcRGk
  19. Yes, it is the ark reactor chest peace
  20. Thank you Uma and gr5! :smile: Yes it only flickers when it prints so this is normal, good just wanted to make sure.. I can't remember what speed I was printing at in the video.. I don't mind printing slow I enjoy the high detail now I just print at speed 30% room temp 13c or 55f depends how cold the room is.. print head 190c- 201c heated bed 75c-78c layer height 0.1 The noise from the Z motor is normal too? skip to 0:46 and you will hear the z motor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jPgqAf11ec
  21. Thanks Nicolinux I'll try it next time just wanted to make sure it doesn't warp because the room temp is 13c or 55f really cold in there and yes it was kinda Tough to take it off the heated bed.. Its so cool holding this thing in my hand it was a 3d image on my screen and now its a real object SO Cool!
  22. White PLA Room Temp 13c very cool or 55f Layer Height 0.1 Speed 30% Print Head 205c Heat bed 78c Infill 20% I didn't level my bed correctly I think it was to close to the print tip the edges are not so good, MY Fault but it still came out pretty good... Anyone have any Tips on White PLA?
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