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  1. I'm afraid I don't have any pictures. I already fixed the problem.
  2. Issue was solved. I received a new Electronics Board from ultimaker. Apparently the reason of all of this was 2 wires that were melt and fused with each other causing a short circuit. Thank you all for your input.
  3. By the controller I meant the button. It was blinking red, at least not anymore!! The display was off. As for the power brick I left it unplugged for half a day. The light on the power brick is solid blue. Nothing is blinking at the bottom of the printer.
  4. It was red. Called support and they were as curious as you!! i guess I'll just have to wait.
  5. But I did try to turn it on again! It didn't say anything in the manual! Thanks will call them now
  6. Power block is fine I assume . Disconnected it till the light turned off then connected it again. Any Ideas ?
  7. Thanks I guess it needed a little bit cleaning. I disassembled the head cleaned the burnt plastic. Worked fine again.
  8. I left my UM2 printing. Came back 10 mins later to find it dead like it was powered off only the controller blinking red. Tried clicking the power button, and disconnecting it from electricity but didn't turn back on. It won't connect to the computer, won't do anything. It's dead. Please help ASAP!! Thanks
  9. Thank you both for replying. I am using the Ultimaker Black ABS, and extruding at 260 c.
  10. Hello, I have problems extruding black ABS ONLY!! I have 2 black ABS filaments and whenever I use them specifically it causes clogging and under extrusion. No problems with any other type/color of filament. Anyone has a clue about this? Thanks
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