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  1. Suddenly my Ultimaker 1 started to print weak walls. After analyzing the object I noticed there is a small space within walls (2 shells or 0.8 mm). This space makes the walls breakable with a simple squeeze. Any solution to this? By the way. I have change nothing in Cura (not a single parameter). The only thing I thing I remember doing to my U1 is giving maintenance to the extruder (which I have done before with no problems at all).
  2. Same problem here. Tried to use Cura to add brims to my object in order to prevent warping on an Makerbot Replicator 2x. After added the printer from the machine settings menu, the layers preview moves the object outside the platform. Playing with the settings I found out that the object goes back to the center of the platform when you change the GCode Flavor to UltiGCode. So it seems that Cura has the Makerbot Flavor wrong. Tried to use UltiGCode but it confuses my Makerbot. Any solution to this?
  3. Hi Sander. Just checked my order R868443350 status and my Ultimaker 2 has not been shipped yet. I understand that my order was scheduled to be sent early this week (based on your past response). At this moment (thursday november 7, 7:07 pm your time zone), my order appears READY but not SHIPPED. What happened this time? I was one of the first to buy the U2 on september the 20th. This is frustrating!!! Cesar
  4. Thanks Sander. You are salvaging the honor of Ultimaking's sales and support team. They seem to be completely ignoring all support tickets. Regards, CR
  5. Thanks for the update Sander. My order date is September 20 (R868443350). The status is order complete, payment paid and shipping ready. My order was placed within the first five hours of the launching date. I would expect to have my U2 sent to me this past monday or tuesday. Today is wednesday and I would like to know if my shipment is coming. I am starting a 3d printing service next week and I planned the opening based on this email from Ultimaker's support team: “Hi Cesar, I think I need to update you regarding shipment of the Ultimaker 2. Initially we planned to ship them from the first or second week of October, but today I got the message that we will start shipping from October 21st, with a lead time of maximum 2 weeks. As you ordered very quickly I expect you to be one of the first ones to receive the Ultimaker 2. I hope to have informed you sufficiently by this. Regards, Marrit”
  6. Ok. I am out of patience. I have sent eight emails regarding my order R868443350. I bought an Ultimaker 2 during the first few hours of the launching date on september 20 and my shipment status has not change ever since. I have sent messages and emails and nobody has answered a very simple question: When will you ship my printer? I will not take the "2-week lead time" as an answer because I ordered my U2 during the first five hours of the launching date. What is happening with support and sales team? I know you are busy but at least have a little courtesy telling your old customers (I already own an Ultimaker and I have bought a lot of filament from your shop) the truth. I am really mad. Cesar R
  7. I have six support tickets regarding my order R868443350. I ordered my Ultimaker 2 on september 20, during the first few hours of the launching date, and I have still not gotten at least a courtesy response from Ultimaking on any of my six messsages. I am only asking for an estimate of my shipping date. I am really frustrated by Ultimaking lack of response. I received an email from Marrit Hoffmans on sept. 26, telling me that Ultimaking would "start shipping from October 21st, with a lead time of maximum 2 weeks. AS YOU ORDERED VERY QUICKLY I EXPECT YOU TO BE ONE OF THE FIRST ONES TO RECEIVE THE ULTIMAKER 2" [emphasis added by me]. This has been the only response I have had from Ultimaking in a month. Cesar R
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