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  1. i completely lost my building platform / object when moving a bit to enthusiastic. A center view on building plate button would help
  2. Hi, is there ( i think not ) or is someone able to write a plugin I would like to stop infill from a sertain layerhiight im printing a covercap in flex fillement that has a center hang. i whould like to support till the layer begins and continue without from there. any sugestions
  3. dont forget , Daid made 3dprinting life easy enough.
  4. Thanks Dade, i did need to goolge this to get it sorted, luckely i wasnt the only one!
  5. I dunno, just remove the option!! no complains of missing skirts.! * don't kno why to complain about a missing SKIRT, nothing wrong with nice buttocks
  6. When both set to 0,25 the Skirt is there
  7. initial layer thickness 0.1 Layer hight :0.25 Yes as in the previouse versions
  8. Same here, Windows 7 Prusa i3 Cura 14.03 ive tried to set variouse settings
  9. But why put the retraction checkbox at quality.. as you got a retraction section it self... i understand it has to do with quality , i messedup a 6hr print due to it! but please its should be in the retraction section
  10. "Did you tick the retraction box?" My lips are sealed.. and.. no.. :oops:
  11. Not sure if its reported already i've been using Cure in the past only to generate Gcode, to print in Pronterface. This seem to work perfect for me, i fel in love with cura the day i met her!! But as the i3 support came in Cura 13.10 ive been using Cura even more. but i run in some issues, a biggie, retraction doesnt seem to work in 13.10 and a small one The tempertue of the bed ( the box ) doens apear before i hit the print button. I like to heat my bed befor i dive in to it! the last one seem a bit buggy , cause sometimes its there, and most of the time its not. Win7
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