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  1. As i said it is hard to see exactly. But i guess print is all good then.
  2. Nice, for sure it is alot better then Aleksiej's print. Abit hard to see on piqtures but seems like it is underextruding?
  3. G-Code does not work on Zortrax, and i guess it won't work UP Plus 2 either. But just print as good you can and forget about time with 0.14 layers. Sure someone here is up too it?
  4. No this is not Zortrax advertising. Aleksiej asks for advice to improve the Ultimaker 2 print. But mabey someone with more experience can print it so we can see how a nicley tuned Ultimaker 2 prints it?
  5. Really hard to say for sure, but if i slice same file in makerware with 15% infill and 70 mm/s it takes 55 min. So 60-70 mm/s seems right to me.
  6. Zortrax has only normal and fast mode. Normal speed is around 60-70 mm/s.
  7. It takes 1 hour with raft on Zortrax with light infill (10-15%).
  8. I will do it simple for you. If you want to print with PLA go Ultimaker 2. If you want to print with ABS go with Zortrax. I like both printers but went for Zortrax.
  9. I still can't say wich one is better. But i went for Zortrax and have printed alot now and one thing is for sure and it is very reailble and so far not a single extruder or hotend failure. I am very happy with my choice. I still like Ultimaker 2 and would love to have one some day.
  10. This was a very nice print imo. I like it, good quality and fine details.
  11. That picture looks amazing! And cool idea to build Ultimaker robot in pieces for fun assembly and option to mix different colurs. Very nice.
  12. I know what you mean, waiting can be forever because it is always something better behind the corner. But i both printers are just released and wait 1-2 month too see some more user reports would be nice. Zortrax M200 have only one youtube video from a user so far.
  13. Thx illuminarti. You have very good points, i guess the best is to wait abit and see how things goes for both printers before deciding. Alot of things is in Ultimakers favor but Zortrax also appels alot to me. Thx all for opinions!
  14. Good point about Ultimaker have lighter head to move around. But Zortrax have 2 rods in printer head in both X/Y movment so it should be stable. Hard to know wich solution is the best. I dont know much about their ABS but it is very cheap if you own a Zortrax, only 19 dollar/kg Also Z-suit vs Cura is not easy to know wich is best. This is hard for me to decide.
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