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  1. So I am watching the black wheel but this is not doing anything. Could the motor be broken ? Ive tried to look at what cable goes where but the manual is not idiot prrof in the sense that it does not show the ultimaker I have... do you maybe now if I can go somewhere to get some help ? thanks again
  2. 'sigh' I wish I could just get this thing to work instead of having wasted a ton of money on something that has never worked properly ...what a disappointment this has been from the beginning
  3. the motor should be doing something right ? So i should check if the little black wheel is turning ? thanks for your help
  4. Hello Peggy Yes It works manually and more comes out. I did close it properly but I dont think it works 'automatically' :-(
  5. I fixed the first problem (hurrah) onwards to the next problem. I am using 3mm PLA and only a stream om 1mm comes out and a very little stream. I think my extruder is not 'pushing' the material in ? I dont know how to fix this. As a result the fillament does not stick to the plate (I think) Ive tried some different heats and speeds (Im using the blue tape) but still nothing any advice ? Should I clean the nozzle maybe ? I would like to rule out other options first before I have to take apart the machine.. Thanks for any help
  6. Thanks Amedee ! I still have that thing. Do you maybe know what is the best way to put everything in place again ? Should I detach everything (hope not) ? Ive looked at the manual but its a bit hard to understand what to do from that. Thanks for your time
  7. Hello, I took my old ultimaker one out of the box and wanted to try out a new print. I dragged out the old filament and put in new one but now the two wheels of the motor and the extruder dont meet anymore :-( Did I use too much force ? What should I do ? Ive tried to push it a little more towards the motor wheel but it doesnt buldge and Im afraid to break anything. should I take it apart again ? also the little black thing on the other side fell off I think this kept everything in place ? What should I do If anyone could help that would be great Thanks !
  8. I would like to buy it :-) Maybe you want to upgrade or it's collecting dustballs or any other reason...please let me know if you have one for sale for a reasonable price. Hope to hear from you ! bye
  9. hello I would also be interested, if its still for sale :-)
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