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  1. This is the post I've been looking for. Currently having the same issues and banging my head against the wall. I have a large print which takes approx 17 hours and I'm on the 3rd attempt but am learning with each trial. What I've learnt so far. 1st Print failed due large holes in the print. I believed that these were caused by too thin a surface thickness (6 layers) and low % infill (15%) was causing holes. 2nd print (currently running) Based on some research I decided to increase the surface thickness to a magic 10 layers and the infill from 15 to 30%, however this was pushing my build times out, so being impatient I also increased the speed from 50 to 125 mm/sec. Unfortunately this this has caused another surface problem as the horizontal surfaces are full of small holes which looks abit like "stuck together sugar crystals" ( a nice effect on the print) but this is still a failure. As the print is currently running I've increased the nozzle temperature as per the advice above from 210 to 220 and this seems to have had a noticable improvement in the surface finishes (currently no holes) The 3rd print (which will go on tomorrow) will hopefully be a success due to a good infill (30%), 10 layer surface thickness (1mm) at 0.1mm layer thickness and a nozzle temperature of 220degC or higher to compensate for the faster print speed of 125 mm/s. Fingers crossed.
  2. Challenge accepted, but I will have to finish my pint of Guinness first
  3. Hi Porter and everyone, Like Porter I've just received my UM2 a couple of days ago, and am located in Ireland, so Hello!. However I'm on the other side of the country, in Waterford. Glad to see that there are a couple of machines on the island. Let me just say What a machine! First impressions. Opened the box late at night (normally, not a good idea when setting up a machine you are unfamilar with) Unpacking, reading the manual and setup took about 45 min First print was unsuccessful, due to bad build platform leveling, my fault. Aborted it immediately. Adjusted the platform again ... (5 min) 2nd print attempt sucess! This machine is amazing, less then an hour set up by a complete novice and I was away printing. Astounding! Thanks Ultimaker, Daragh
  4. Hi braddock, I had the same frustrations as you a see thread http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/2142-poor-customer-service/ so I know what youre going trough, but if your order is marked paid and shippement ready, there should be no problems as they've accepted your payment and your order is queued, and will hopefully be dispatched as per the shipping schedule http://umforum.ultim...ad-time-update/. I know that once I cooled down and got information on my order I realised that I had to cut the people at Ulitmaker some slack. They are a small group who are the victims of there own success and are currently swamped with orders. So here's hoping the UM2 lives up to the our expectations.
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