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  1. @SandervG Thank you again for your attention to this, and I do understand that there is a "process" to this. I will try to be a bit more patient. :-)
  2. I do want to add that SandervG is making a strong effort to get this resolved, and I do appreciate that greatly. I'm trying to be patient, but as I said previously, bad timing, a lot going on in my life...
  3. No, my refund hasn't even been initiated yet; after being told that it was "sent to the financial department and it will take a few weeks" I told them no, it shouldn't (on their end) and doesn't take a few weeks on Paypal's end (unless I initiate a claim, which I am trying to avoid.) So now they're telling me that it's actually in the financial departments hands, but they only process refunds on certain days! And after that, it will take a couple of days for "my bank" to show it, but again I explained to them, I'm not using a bank, only Paypal, and as long as they just simply press the "Refund Payment" button, it should be in my account next day. I know this because I run a business; using my Paypal business account exclusively for the last 8+ years! It's when you file a claim with Paypal that things get really messy; you are practically guaranteed to get your money, but it takes longer because Paypal has to do a full investigation and that can take awhile... but I'm about at that point. Will be giving them two more days. I don't care how good of a reputation their "printer" has, this is no way to run a business; to take your money before shipping (most companies only charge you once the product is going to ship, not months before) then not finding the order once you try to cancel, then excuse after excuse for delaying the refund. And I got to say in my defense, I'm not one of those guys who nitpicks and complains about every little thing, and who buys things and returns them continuously (there is a certain type that does that; that has to have every new gadget that comes out, then gets buyer's remorse and returns it.) I buy a LOT of stuff both online and in brick&morter, and I've only had to return or ask for a refund twice in my entire life... and I'm 49 years old. So pretty good track record for being a good consumer. But I also expect - when told my product I just spent $2800 on will ship "maximum two weeks" and then it's pushed back 5 weeks, then 6 to 7 weeks, then I lose confidence and cancel - I DO expect to get MY MONEY BACK within a reasonable amount of time (if not immediately!) And you would think to keep a company's reputation in good standing that they would want to satisfy this request as soon as possible in hopes that the customer will come back and buy again, but the longer this takes, the worse the consequences for them are, because next steps: file claim with Paypal. Then civil lawsuit. Then file official complaint with U.S. Federal Trade Commission as well as the Netherlands Authority for Consumer Markets... but I'm sure it won't have to go that far, right? I've also just recently had a family emergency, so I am in panic mode and this is the last thing I need or want to worry about but instead, it is getting in the way of what I do need to deal with... (and maybe I'm being a little more impatient than I could be.) /rant_end
  4. No, sorry, I am out $2800 U.S. dollars and it's been a month now since I ordered. It's a simple matter of them pressing the "Refund Payment" button in Paypal but this hasn't happened yet. So, no more patience... and by the way, I run a business (single handedly) as well, and at one time I had a much more popular item than the Ultimaker, and never put customers through this bad experience!
  5. Thank you for looking into this, I do appreciate it; I've just been a little panicked with everything that's been going on... I'll try to find the open support ticket and reply there. Thanks again.
  6. Buyer beware! I ordered on October 20th after being told the lead time was "maximum two weeks" for the Ultimaker 2. Then after finding out it's been pushed back 5 to 6 weeks (now 6 to 7 weeks) and due to unexpected family circumstances, I requested to cancel my order. Now Ultimaker is claiming they don't have my order number or name in their system!? Meaning, the order would have never shipped to me anyway since they've lost it! Funny thing though, my online account with that same order number shows it was paid and ready to ship on October 20th, don't know why Ultimaker can't see that... I've started a claim with Paypal to have this resolved since Ultimaker has obviously dropped the ball! Very disappointed in all of this. I actually would have reordered again in a couple of months once I get back from my family thing, but after the way Ultimaker has handled this whole mess, I doubt I will be doing business with them again...
  7. Two weeks lead time seems like a reasonable answer to me, as long as they can stick to it (give or take a few days.) I ordered on October 20th, my account shows that it's been paid and is ready to ship, and it has not yet been two weeks since the release date of October 21st; so maybe we should all be a bit more patient until then, yes? And remember, no company, big or small, can really anticipate the demand for a new product. My first choice was actually the Formlabs SLA printer, but they are so bad with their lead-times I decided not to order from them (they had told me one or two months but their order page says February 2014! And it's slipping each week it seems.)
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