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  1. Yey, it worked! I downloaded pauseAtZ.py and then followed Illuminarti's directions creating a new plugins folder in finder. After putting pauseAtZ.py into that folder and restarting Cura, it did appear in the Plugins box. Thanks for helping me out!
  2. @ Daid: I'm sorry, i was away for a few days. Still very interested in what steps i should take to get the Pauseatz plugin to appear. I'm on a mac OS X version 10.8.5
  3. I want to use Pauseatz but no plugins appear in the Enabled plugins box. Nothing happens when i click on the arrow down button or 'open plugin location'. I'm in "full settings" and I use Cura version 13.11.2. What am i missing?
  4. My card reader broke and the printer doesn’t work too well with only USB. It keeps getting stuck LI ordered a new UltiController which will take 3 days and i promised to print at an exhibition tomorrow. Is there anyone out there who would lend out his UltiController to a stranger in need? It would be for this weekend (nov 2 + 3) and i can pick it up anywhere in Amsterdam or Haarlem. It would help me so much, Katelijne
  5. I broke my card reader so i'm using my usb cable to connect to the printer. I didn't have this problem when i was still using the SD card: Somehow the printer head just stops moving in the middle of printing. According to the report my device is not configured? OSError: '[Errno 6] Device not configured' @ machineCom.pyo:_readline:483 I have updated cura and firmware but when i run checks on first run wizard the communication works but it doesn't read the temperature. I wasn't getting any max temperature reports but could i have overheated the motors? I did use my printer a lot these past days. What can i do?
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