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  1. Hallo, das passt sich automatisch an (der Materialflow). Nicht angepasst wird z.B. die Temperatur, das mußt Du selbst machen.
  2. Hi tonycstech, are there any new features in planning? May I wish or suggest something? I just do it - denote the layer(s) which have been modified (for the current session) - after apply a change: reset the values to "nothing", for exaple Bed Temp (I forgot it some times) - allow to change more then one layer before writing the GCode (especially if you write to sd-card and in large files it takes a long after every change) I don't know what is possible...
  3. In the next days I will test my construction The first test: It is easy to blow out a candle in a distance from 30 cm. The airflow seems to be very slim and laminar. Whether it will be sufficient for an effective cooling I will see.
  4. I work with Windows7, UM2, Cura 14.01, UltiGcode. Your program work's fine. I am happy to use it. Your link in the 1. post is wrong.
  5. I fear that... indeed. The exhaust opening slot measured: 213x4 mm. The fan has a diameter of 56 mm. At the moment I print the last part. Then I will test it. I do not know which air velocity is needed for effective cooling. You you have any values? I think I have to experiment
  6. I will testing this: At one side you mount your axial fan. At the other side you have the outflow. I think ist ready at weekend.
  7. Thank you. That is what I need, because Cura PlugIns with UM2 not works.
  8. Problem solved. The cause was the SD card being used. Probably read errors. A new SD card has solved the problem. The hint was:
  9. A video ist problematic. Yesterday I printed a 15 hours job with the same material and the same settings (layer, temp, speed, etc.) but another object. There were no problems, absolutly zero!! Perhaps the problem appears only with certain models and is thus difficult to reproduce. I have a file stored with which I have always problems.
  10. unfortunately not. it happens sporadically. The factory settings. Both checked. It is as it should be.
  11. I try to describe the problem better. I'm using: - UM2 with firmware 14.01.2 - Windows 7 with Cura 14:01 A lot of layers are printed normally. At irregular intervals, the following happens: The print head stops very short, the extruder motor clacks in rapid sequence 3-4 times. It sounds like normal under-extrusion due to too low temperature for example. But that's not it. Under-extrusion clacks each 1x in relatively regular intervals. Here it only happens as described above and the extruder jumps within 1 second 3-4 times back. Then as normal printed with missing material. A gap in pres
  12. I can confirm that. With firmware 14.01 on Windows7 AND firmware 14.01.2 in the printer the bug exists. With firmware 13.12 on Windows7 AND firmware 13.12 in the printer the bug not exists. I can reproduce this. A mix I have not tested.
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