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  1. There is a "Pause at height" pluggin in Cura. Is it possible to pause at height and then change filament, and then resume printing? Thanks.
  2. Does bronzeFill conduct electricity like real metal?
  3. Anybody has any experience on printing flexible filament (rubber like) on an UM1 or UM2? Thanks.
  4. I am trying to print a model with a small part which is difficult to adhere to the platform (such as the Torture Test). I don’t want to turn on “brim” in Cura because the other part of the model does not need brim to print. Is it a simple way to add brim or support disc or whatever to a part of a model so that it can adhere to the platform better? Thanks for any input. Torture test: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33902
  5. Are both fans controlled independently? or both fans are actually connected to one PWM driver?
  6. Thank you. I shall check the control board.
  7. I am going to inspect the control board for a possible thermcouple problem. Are there any instructions to open the protection case? It seems UM2 is not as serviceable as UM1. Thanks.
  8. After upgraded to the latest firmware version (14.07.0), UM2 occasionally displayed the captioned error message. Not sure if it is related to the new firmware or it is a hardware issue. Cold starting the machine again and usually it can work again. But sometimes it refused to print, and the print head's temperature is lower than normal (PLA not melted) even if the front panel displayed 210C or so. It seems the temperature reading is wrong. Anyone has similar experience? Thanks.
  9. Anybody knows how much power is consumed when the heatbed is on? Thanks.
  10. Do you mean they are developing a new teflon part to replace the original one? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I suspect that the PLA filament does expand in the isolation teflon part and causes the under-extrusion problem. I do not have any proof yet though. The performance of the cooling fan, I suspect, will degrade when the printer becomes older. It will complicate the situation.
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