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  1. Hi, finally found the trouble.. one of the axis was reversed. so I installed the stop switch on the other side and inverted the motor's power and all is fine now :-) Thanks for the help even if it wasn't on the software side ;-) J-F
  2. the normal 3D preview when loading is perfect. I dont know how to switch to "gcode" view. is it with the other views ? xray and such. I 'll have to run the tests you mention when I get back home. i'll get back to you asap Thanks for the help btw !
  3. both (protoface & cura in the jog tab) of the work on the same side that is the weirdess. and when clicking home on the x-axis, the tray moves in the right direction on to the stop switch. I have to be honess, I like cura more than protoface (dont get me wrong, the apps its self is great but I like a all in on apps better, slicing and printing) So I havent done alot of print in proto.. i guess, i'll have to try it and see if I get the same problem.
  4. Hi, Like said in the title, when printing a model, its always inverted on the x-axis. I have to choose the model and mirror it on the x-axis. I noticed this when printing the z-motor and z-idler support for my Prusa i2. the "L" and "R" were reversed on the face (and the rest along the x-axis) I'm using Cura 13.10 (now 13.11) with Prusa i2, RAMPS 1.4 and stock merlin firmware. anyone has some pointers on what could be wrong ? :-) Thanks J-F
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