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  1. How!!! Demasiada cola!! :shock: Uma camada fina de cola, é suficiente. Também recomendo para esse objecto activar a opção "Brim". Verifique se tem a versão do Cura 14.09 instalado no PC e na UM2, pois o mesmo corrige um Bug referente à calibração da mesa. Depois de instalar esta versão ou superior, faça nova calibração da mesa. Se os objectos descolarem, pode tentar aumentar 10º graus a temperatura da mesa, ou diminuir a velocidade de impressão caso a mesma seja demasiado elevada. De momento e sem grande informação do setup que a Dulce está a usar, julgo que deve verificar a calibração da mesa, limpar o vidro com álcool, usar menos cola e activar a função Brim. Nuno
  2. Boa tarde Dulce, My Profile - my gallery - criar novo album - upload fotos... Ou seja primeiro tem que criar um album, fazer o upload das fotos para o album, e depois é que pode adicionar fotos via "image button". Julgo que antigamente eram necessários 3 posts, para conseguir fazer o upload de fotos... Entretanto também estou curioso, de saber se a Dulce usou a função Brim, Qual a versão de software e firmware (Cura) que está a usar? Qual a velocidade de impressão? As temperaturas, enfim uma descrição mais pormenorizada do setup usado. Nuno
  3. Ola Marcelo, As minhas desculpas, pois não sei como, mas só agora é que vi o seu post... A minha Um2 trazia alguns fios desligados, parafusos desapertados, enfim alguns problemas relacionados com um mau desempenho da linha de montagem. A minha impressora foi assemblada numa altura que entraram pessoas novas na linha de montagem e também parece que o controlo de qualidade também não estava a funcionar na perfeição. Depois de alguns ajustes e de começar a conhecer melhor as configurações que fazem a minha Um2 feliz, estou MUITO satisfeito com ela. Qualquer das maneiras importa dizer, que a qualidade da linha de montagem e controlo de qualidade, superaram rapidamente os problemas que existiam. Os problemas que eu tive, foram isolados e não refletem minimamente a qualidade da UM2, pelo que continuo a recomendar a UM2. Importa tb dizer que sou apenas um utilizador satisfeito e que não pertenço à Equipa Ultimaker. http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/4038-um2-electrical-wiring-questions/ Melhores cumprimentos, Waldorf
  4. Boa tarde Dulce, Em primeiro lugar gostava de dar-lhe as boas vindas à comunidade e ao mesmo tempo felicitá-la pela aquisição de uma Ultimaker2. Seguramente que depois de conhecer bem a sua impressora, vai ficar muito satisfeita com a mesma. A Dulce está a imprimir em PLA ou ABS? Qual a temperatura da mesa? E por fim... uma foto, vale 1000 palavras... Melhores Cumprimentos, Nuno
  5. Olá Sérgio e seja bem vindo ao Forum Na minha opinião a Um2 é a melhor opção do mercado, dentro deste segmento, seguramente irá ficar muito satisfeito com esta impressora. Eu pessoalmente estou! Google Sketchup e 123d design, parece-me excelentes proposta para iniciantes, pessoalmente uso o Solidworks porém a sua facilidade te utilização não se compara às propostas supracitadas. O Sérgio poderá tb começar a explorar o software Cura (Slicer da UM). Para mim a ferramenta mais importante que pode encontrar é precisamente o fórum da Ultimaker, encontra-se practicamente tudo o que é necessário para entrar nesta aventura da impressão 3D. Não posso recomendar outras impressoras pois só tenho experiência com a Um2, e apesar de ter sido uma dor de cabeça ao inicio para conseguir impressões de qualidade, agora funciona às mil maravilhas. Recomendo esta impressora e aconselho a despachar-se com a encomenda pois o tempo de espera é bastante longo. Boa Sorte e bem vindo ao mundo da impressão 3D Nuno
  6. Hi Guys, Been a long time since I didn´t post anything here, so I decided to do this... Sorry, but I forgot to take pictures before painting... :mrgreen: Cheers
  7. Hum?? 12mm3/s? Congratulations my friend, your printer rules!!
  8. That's all true. It should behave identically. It puts the same stress but in less time which means less heat and less bended filament to deal. I agree the tests seems a bit stupid unless somebody tell that could print at 10-12mm3/s (200%speed) and can´t go over 6 or 7mm3/s with 100%speed
  9. Hi Guys, Did you Guys tryed to print the extrusion test at 200% speed? (twice the speed you will reach 12mm3/s at 6mm3/s band) please post your findings, should be interesting to observe if underextrusion occurs in same rate as 100% tests. If someone passes the test at 200% speed and fails the 100% speed test this could indicate bended filament problems, fricion problems, heat problems, etc Print more than one to get more consistent data If the test fails you can repeat the test with @1,5A also
  10. Well that's a shame... The cable chain should move without any difficulty. I sanded my cable chain and he moves very smoothly and doesn´t put angular stress on the printer bed. Maybe one last thing to try before you give up edit: Well I Did, knock on wood 3 times, I hope that can help you :mrgreen: Hurray!! The cable chain stays!!
  11. No, it's not! Did you already checked if you can pull more cable? If you feel confortable to disassemble your printer, you can remove the stepper motors lid and the pcboard cover, then check if you have enough cable there. A shorter temp probe can be difficult to extend but I don't think that ultimaker is messing around with that either so if the bed wiring is too small, you can easily change it. take some photos to the wiring connections and then when you have to reassemble everything you can confirm with the pics it's better. if you don´t have more cable to pull, I think it's not worth the effort to change the bed wiring, just because of one link only. the cable has plenty of room so I guess it's ok Cheers
  12. Yeah.... What?? I would prefer to remove all the wiring and keep the cable chain
  13. Hi Pikey, You can't remove four segments! I use Robert's cable chain but with 12 segments and the 2 end pieces. Works great!
  14. My temperature limit for PLA is 245ºC, higher temps and a few hours later I have to dissassemble the nozzle to clean the burned plastic. I noticed this with gold filament and can be a little different with other filaments. Today I tested transparent PLA and it seems that 230ºC is to hot, next print will be with PLA transparent at 220ºC (30mm/s, 0.1mm layer)
  15. I am starting to like that advanced member thing. Farm animals it means there is fresh milk, bacon and eggs and maybe some nice country girls.... the voyage across the desert it's just stupid, since after cross the desert I will need more than a few beers and Ian will get a lot of trouble to get all the necessary beer to fill a thirsty camel. I think I prefer to be a newbie and be seated watching my UM2 printing with a beer in my hand
  16. Hum?? beer ?? on the Alps?? now I understand why someone stole my advanced membership, I was definitely interested on the beer...
  17. yeah... wd-40 can help but will not fix your printer... so... now is becoming very interesting, after excluding the normal under extrusion little devils it seems that you have a bigger evil. Half empty spools can cause problems too but i do not think that is your problem it seems to me that your printer had problems since day one. I think if it was the power supply you would experience more problems and they shouldn't be only "skip" steps related. If you can exclude: nozzle (hole diameter and clogs) teflon coupler 3rd fan bowden tube material feeder stepper motor angle (a stupid nut that pushes the stepper motor) knurled wheel screw tightening too tight material feeder spool friction stock filament guide friction filament bends nozzle temperature variations too tight bed calibration correct assembly of the head increase the current to 1.5A ? Next suspects are: stepper motor board
  18. Another thought... What about the 3rd fan? It seems to me that his function is to cool the teflon coupler!? right? ... Is your 3rd fan always spinning with the same intensity? is well fitted? pushing air in the right direction? Perhaps you can measure the air flow with an digital anemometer.... What are the consequences if the 3rd fan stops? is possible to achieve the higher rates of extrusion with the 3rd fan stopped? I think illuminarti had problems in the past with the 3rd fan and probably knows the effects of a faulty fan. Can a too hot teflon coupler expand and generate more friction in to the filament?
  19. Hi Schafe, Damn I was really convinced that your problem was a dirty nozzle. It's interessant to observe the numbers It seems that something deteriorates with time, hence I have thought it could be related to a clogged nozzle given the high extrusion temperatures used and the apparent increase of deterioration 2 X 10 - perfection 2 X 9.5 - had a small error in the 10 ring 2 X 9 2 X 8 1 X 7 2 X 6 2 X 5.5 - a small error in the 6 ring 5 X 5 2 X 4.5 4 X 4 4 X 3.5 10 X 3 6 X 2.5 - errors started in the 3 ring I do not know what else to suggest to check, perhaps using the excellenthttp://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/3976-almost-always-missing-layers-underextruding/page-28#entry39843 and use it as a sort of checklist!? So far what have you checked/changed in your printer?
  20. :shock: :eek: :lol: I do not hate you Robert, or anyone in this forum. I do not want to be special because i am not. thanks for the crown, there were other more qualified candidates to receive this trophy, but I'll accept it with humility and dignity. From now on I will dedicate myself only to the noblest posts and threads
  21. I am sorry can´t comment on that... I am just a member, do not want to disrespect any moderator. (especially my favorite one) However I never saw any new user confused with this and although there are bigger things to worry at the moment somebody is spending time on minor things... Well, the important thing here is to keep this thread on first page and this way we can help newbies, members, moderators and Ultimakers for the users with less sense of humor, I want them to say that I'm just kidding, it does not make sense to became an advanced member after 30 posts.
  22. HEY!!!!! someone stole my advanced membership!? I was an advanced member and now I am just a member.... Bastards I am going to print a baseball bat...
  23. Boa Noite cespt, Eu comprei a minha directamente à Ultimaker e tive que esperar 12 semanas. 99% das lojas que anunciam a venda da Um2 não tem o equipamento em stock e terás que esperar na mesma 12/14 semanas. Em caso de algum problema é sempre preferível lidar com a marca directamente do que com intermediários. O unico caso de sucesso que eu conheço foi nahttp://www.imakr.com/ (UK) em que tinham as impressoras em stock, com bom preço e houve alguns utilizadores que conseguiram fugir ao longo tempo de espera, não sei se ainda é assim. Existe um http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/4418-ultimaker-international-portuguese/ neste forum que eu criei mas está practicamente inactivo por falta de utilizadores portugueses. Seja muito bem vindo à comunidade e espero que opte pela a UM2 pois é um equipamento espectacular
  24. Hi Stuart, Congratulations, you have the best printer on the market, immediately after mine!
  25. Hi Nico, Many congratulations for the new printer. Did ultimaker told you what was the problem with the older printer?
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