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  1. Well .... that worked for me! Thank you very much for your help. The problem was in the pulley as you said, it was too close to the wall. I have removed the cover, removed the motor and moved the pulley closer to the motor. Now is printing straight! So thanks a lot again! Best regards, Mitja
  2. Gr5, thanks for your info. The printer is UM2. I'll check this during the day, here is the photo of the "leaning" . Thanks in advance
  3. Dear Ultimaker family, this is my first post, as a fresh Ultimaker owner for a week now, I am getting frustrated on this same topic. I had printed several test prints and all of them are leaning on the right side. Tightening the motors and shafts is getting me nowhere. Why I have to bother with this issue, my Ultimaker is brand new! Any new suggestions? Best regards.
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