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  1. Just a quick follow up. For expenrimental purposes I set the nozzle size to.3mm in Cura and all of a sudden the layer display told me I would be printing each layer as a grid again at 25%. At 26% however the printer would revert back to crossing lines on opposite layers. I'm guessing that line width plays a big part in when the software decides to change "grid type".
  2. Thank you gr5. I typically do, but I haven't really looked at the support or infill structure layer by layer untill now. The time didn't supprise me.
  3. I could probably print you an extruder over the weekend but I'm not sure it'd be neccisary. I've had similar issues with my printer, especialy with 3mm vs 2.85mm fillament. The solution that works best for me is to crank the heat up. I run "large" PLA at about 230. It gets stringy but a quick brush with a torch cleans it up pretty nice. However, I usualy print for fit and function, not usualy for asthetics.. If you need, or want, a new extruder let me know and I'll try to find time on my printer.
  4. @IRobertI Not exactly. At 25% the grid pattern is built differently. Instead of each layer being laid down as a grid it uses 2 layers. The first layer being the horizontal lines and the second being vertical. I haven't tried to print with the Lines support but I would suspect that the lines are laid down on top of each other to create parallel walls as opposed to cells.
  5. In the Expert config (CTRL+E) panal, I changed my Support settings for the first time today, in order to get a better supported bottom layer for a project at work. I changed the Fill amount (%) to 30. I was suprised when it started printing lines as I had not changed the Structure type settings to Lines. I was once again supriesed when the next layer started was also line but in the cross pattern therefore making the Grid. That's great. I wish it did this at the 15% setting as well. Is there anyway to force this to happen regardless of the Fill amount %? I feel like this could increase
  6. I dislike when only the .stl file is uploaded. Very seldom am I just looking for something to print. Typically I am looking for the base for some other idea I have. A .stp or .sldprt file are vastly more desierable to me than a .stl file.
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