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  1. I purchased it for a compeition. The competiton is closed now so I dont need it now, and FFD isnt what I need for what I do... I need SLA
  2. Ultimaker 2 for sale in the uk. New used condition perfect working order with 3 partialy used spools of pla. Open to all reasionable offers Please contact me on morey@mousejeweller.co.uk will provide photos and such EDIT!!! heres some photos
  3. also here's another post with a much smaller print of the same object with the same settings as mentioned above just at 1.5 cm tall (that's a 5p piece its standing on) ... the surface is bad but the print looks good in hand and gives me hope that small charms aren't out of the question I do still question if this machine really can print 0.02 layered prints without causing issues. but I'm sure more fiddling will get results... maybe printing 2 at once will help
  4. So after much dicking around the machine is starting to play along. setting cura up to have the fans at full power and adding my own desk fan into the mix has improved the print quality at 200c and 210c. Along with printing at 40% - 60% speed at 95mm/s and having 15s layer cooling time with the default 20% infill. AND FINALY having the printed object at around 45degrees to the print bed. has also made a difference. see pics below print is around 4cm tall and printed at 0.06 layer. the top section issues are obviously to do with too much heat in a small area which I'm not sure how to solv
  5. for something like this we would be using a cold cast media to get the injection moulds. so just getting the model to a good surface finish is all that's needed. BUT as you say I don't think it will get the quality I need. HOWEVER this isn't such a bad thing as I can now make miniatures with this instead which means selling modelled avatars and such is defiantly a money spinner. ill work up the money to get my self an envisiontec and go from there in the mean time heres some more prints
  6. yea I'm fast coming to the conclusion that this machine wont do for my jewellery work unless I make jewellery specifically for this kind of media IE big and chunky. http://www.mousejeweller.co.uk I will try the print more than one to see if that solves the issue but it looks like this machine will be doing models rather than jewellery. as for your questions. its about 20mm tall and the back of the skull is orientated to the bed...
  7. hello guys I recently purchased an Ultimaker2. normally I have objects printed offsite but I thought I could get one for my self as a good start. however the quality of the prints is making me rethink my decision. as I would ideally like to print some basic jewellery on this machine. at the .02 mm setting SO any ideas how to prevent the issues on the back of the skull? the skull was printed on cura setting high quality. any ideas?
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