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  1. Hi! Oh sorry, it looks like i deleted my config during testing/playing around with 13.06 and 13.10 debugging the problem with infill directions. Unfortuantely i can not reconstruct my settings where i got that behaviour... I just reinstalled 13.11 and the problem does not seem to happen with my current settings. If i ever encounter them again, i will post the settings here. Thanks for looking into it! Regards, Simon
  2. Oh sorry i made a mistake in my ordering, i swapped 3 and 4. what i see in your notation is: 1) Cura prints a bit 2) Cura retracts 3) Cura moves to infill 4) Cura pushes back from the retract at 2) 5) Cura prints infill and now the bad part: 6) Cura moves to the next (far away, parameter crossing) section The move from 5 to 6 is without retract. The behaviour i would expect is 1,3,5,2,6,4 (= retraction only for the big move and not for the infill) So the detection when to retract goes wrong. If i set the minimum travel/extrusion values before retraction to very small values
  3. Hi! I just found out cura 13.10 does not show this wrong Behaviour. In order to repeat/debug the problem you can download a file that prints wrong with cura 13.11 here: http://www.thingiverse.com/download:84980 And here are my settings saved as ini: http://pastebin.com/mPb6ju2S Regards, Simon
  4. Hi! I just stumbled upon the same issue printing a large panel (Cura 13.11): The first and second layer are rotated 90° and the following layers are all the same :( Simon
  5. Hi! I did some experiments. I think there is something going wrong.... If i print the hollow calibration pyramid, the first layers where the arms start to be printed work fine, then cura changes to a strange behaviour: 1) it prints one arm 2) retracts (E=Eold - 4mm) 3) prints a very small part from infill 4) moves E=Eold 5) moves to next arm position It should retract after the infill print?! I see the minimum extrusion kicking in, if i st that to 0.0 it retracts after 4 as well but i get a lot of retractions. Any clues? Regards, Simon
  6. Hi! Thanks for your suggestions, i will try them tonight. To me it looks like there is some timing issue (?) with cura. The prints look really really bad compared to slic3r, even printing at 210°C in slic3r looks way better than 190°C in Cura (talking about stringing issues). To me it looks like cura times the retracion in a wrong way, it seems that the retractions happens "too late" -> i get strings when the head starts to move to a new position -> after reaching the new position i do not get enough material being pushed out resulting in not closed infill I will post pictures to
  7. Hi! Thanks! That looks much better. However i still get some oozing... The same retraction (30mm/s, 4mm) for my kossel delta (bowden) work fine with slic3r. When i use cura (13.11) and the same settings i get a lot of strings. Even if i set it to 70mm/s 6mm it looks still bad. What does Cura differently than slic3r? Another thing i noticed with cura: At the continuation point after retraction i get a weak (incomplete) fill. Very strange... Any ideas? Too bad, i really like the way cura calculates its toolpaths :( I do not want to switch back to slic3r :- Regards, Simon
  8. Hi! When cura changes the xy position while inside an object it does not seem to retract. Can i enable that somehow? The problem with the current behaviour is that the infill that gets printed over the stripes/dots caused during those moves results in an uneven finish :( regards, Simon
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