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  1. I found it eventually. There is some strange behaviour with the input fields going on. So upon changing the value in the input field, the enter key does not set the changed value. The TAB key does set the changed value. If the value is changed and then the mouse is clicked elsewhere the change is reverted back. Has anyone else found this behaviour to be very confusing?
  2. Hi, I am trying to disable infill like I have done many times before, but since version 3(ish) Infill Density just keeps jumping to 20%. I have a small part that I want to be hollow, but Cura 4.1.0 is refusing to cooperate with me. I feel like I'm going crazy please help!
  3. Thank you Labern, There's still a long way to go with the foundry, but I have some big projects coming up. I'm hoping to get started on my burnout kiln for the ceramic shell wax / PLA removal soon. Then I will be able to fire larger items, such as this Beethoven bust I sculpted in ZBrush. The plan is to get him printed life size, in separate sections, covered with foundry wax, in part to hide the layer lines but also to allow me to sculpt in in very fine detail. Then after several complex moulding processes, he will be cast in bronze. Cheers,
  4. Hi, I have been busy over the last 16 months upgrading the foundry equipment and have made a few mods to my Ultimaker original. I would very much like to hear from people that have tried metal casting 3d prints, ether from sand moulds or lost PLA. I hope you enjoy the video. Many thanks.
  5. Hi robinmdh, Thanks for your reply, I know that there are a couple of online firmware builders for the UMO and might have used one before, although I can remember any details. So I'm guessing that I would download the latest firmware build from GitHub and use an Ultimaker firmware builder to make it compatible. Was this your line of thinking? If anybody else has managed to implement Mesh Bed Levelling on an Ultimaker Original, I would be grateful to hear your experiences. I have an Arduino sketch saved on my computer, so I'm assuming, that if anything
  6. Hi firmware gurus! So I have been having problems with bed levelling on my UMO with official heated bed upgrade and strongly suspect that the glass is not flat. Then found this video and it blew my mind! Manual Mesh Bed Leveling - YouTube I have searched for any info on someone doing this on an Ultimaker Original, but can not find anything. I recently updated the firmware over USB from Cura latest version I think. From the Ulticontroller:- Firmware version Ultimaker: DEV GIthub checkout May 3 2018 16:59:11
  7. These are the videos from my YouTube channel. The second video is of the casting process for the Easter Island head as proof of concept, where 3D prints can be used as patterns for sand casting. The videos concentrate more on the metal casting process and less on the 3D printing aspect. The overall purpose being that the 3D prints are the patterns. I currently do not have many photographs as I have only just started this process. More will be coming in the very near future and I will be shooting the third video today. A brass hook is on its way! I look forward to any an
  8. Hi geert, I have a website and YouTube channel, would it be ok to post the link and embed the videos here? The last thing I want to do is appear spammy. Thanks.
  9. Hi Ultimakers, I would like to share my experience with making patterns for metal casting with my Ultimaker Original. I started a business last year with the intention of setting up a metal casting foundry tailored to casting 3D printed patterns in metal specifically for the 3D printing community. I have a small industrial unit and have made most of my own equipment; one small furnace and a much larger one that is a work in progress. I have the means to produce small sand castings, but I hope to expand this to include investment casting in the future. I am using oil bonded
  10. This is the sort of behaviour that has been driving me nuts for ages in all versions of Cura. Here is a thread I started on the topic. https://ultimaker.com/en/community/51264-cura-27-toolpath?page=last I would like to bring attention to this ongoing issue as I know that all users would benefit from an intensive look at the code by the Cura team.
  11. Hi smartavionics, I understand what you are saying here, but I do appreciate you taking the time to have looked into it. Perhaps GitHub would be the place for me to make a nuisance of myself ;c) Many thanks for your efforts.
  12. Hi smartavionics, Sorry I've been busy with some real life stuff, so I missed your post. This looks very interesting, if you post the gcode before and after and I will happily look through to help identify any remaining strange behaviours, if that is helpful. Many thanks.
  13. That's excellent smartavionics, I'm sure a lot of people will be delighted to see the improvement this would make to print quality and performance. When there are a lot of unnecessary moves, retractions and extra time spent on a layer there is more stress on the printer and more inconsistency in filament deposition and failed prints. With the announcement of Cura v3, It would be great to see this issue finally put to rest and help to make Cura the market leader that I know it can be.
  14. Thanks smartavionics, I think that if there was some way of tracking down who had corrected the code for the top and bottom surfaces, we might politely ask them to do the same for the infill patterns ;c)
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