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  1. Hey all, I'm new to the UM2 world and was hoping to find out a little about where people order material from. I am located in the USA and am looking around for reasonably priced filament with consistent results. I was interested in Printbl but it seems they are sold out of almost every color. PrintedSolid also looked promising as they sell Colorfabb's stuff here in the US. Wondering if anyone had any further insight or recommendations! I'm specifically interested in PLA and open to the PLA/PHA I keep seeing around. In addition I am in search of a good clear/transparent filament as well. Thanks everyone!
  2. @Vinay We are still patiently waiting on our UM2 to arrive in Indiana, we ordered 11/15 and Sander said we should receive our machine next week, just wondering what your order and delivery dates were as you also ordered from USA. Thanks
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