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  1. Well I don't think that this post warrants any pics, I was just wondering if anyone knew anyone in the San Francisco area who knows the UM1 and can work on them competantly
  2. Hey guys, I am out in California in the Bay Area and need someone who knows how to work on Ultimakers. I have an original ultimaker and need the following things fixed: - disconnected fan wires - heated bed installation (shitty job done by my engineering friend) - firmware issues with temperature variation PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  3. Hey everyone, Basically i need a technician to work on my machine and this person needs to be in California, preferably near San Francisco I have had my Ultimaker for about 4 or 5 months now, and am so extremely frustrated! I got my machine all assembled and working.Now slowly the machine has started to break down. The fan wires have disconnected, the heated bed i hired an engineering friend to install doesn't work, and the printer doesn't seem to work correctly after trying to run custom marlin firmware and switching back to the default later. These problems are totally self-inflicted and have been totally avoidable, but also not because they were attempts to upgrade my machine (which is now obsolete with the UM2!!!) Please help
  4. thank! I will get that fixed and let you know how it goes.
  5. thanks gr5! I am not an engineer nor do i know how to make one of those diagrams. so I appreciate the help. do you mean the red wire at the psu and the white/blue wire at the relay? if so i am not seeing any voltage
  6. the only things touching the UM board are the wires in the heat bed port (green) and the thermistor connector in sensor 3. all negative and positive descriptions are relating to the wires connected to my mk1
  7. I may have messed up while typing that out. lets try this again shall we with pictures this time. - negative is connected to pin 85 - positive is connected to psu (adj+v) - pin 87a is connected to psu (-v) - pins 86 and 87 are connected to the UM board "heat bed" port in green
  8. what it looks like happened is this: - positive is wired to the psu an the hb - negative is wired to pin 85 and psu (adj+v) - ground is wired to pin 87a and psu (-v) - power cord is spliced into the ground, n, and l slots on the psu - pin 87 is wired to the heat bed terminal on the board
  9. Hey everyone, I am working with an original ultimaker. I just installed a prusa mk1 heated bed onto my machine and cannot get it to heat up! I wasn't the one to set this up since I am not technically inclined to work on this type of thing. but i know the essence of what was done. here is the link that i had my friend use to install the hardware: http://flashgamer.com/arduino/comments/adding-a-heated-build-platform-to-your-ultimaker I used all of the parts listed in the directions from the link my hb is grounded to the "diode?" i think, and directly wired to the power supply listed in the linked article PROBLEM Everything looks fine according to all the diagrams and forums, but the heated bed doesn't heat. The relay kicks on when it is supposed to and the extrusion head heats up. I can't figure out if there is a wire that wasn't soldered right or if the power supply isn't wired correctly. *When the heated bed was directly connected to the psu without the printer it would heat up, and the temp reads on ulticontroller when a lighter is held under
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