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  1. Holy Mother of God.....solid-print-3d! I would not leave that space if I had that much going on. Here's my Happy Corner
  2. chrisp

    Post your latest print!

    Labern, the impression doesn't seem to have any significant cause while traveling through the tube that's any different from any other method. No matter what the degree the filament travels through the tubing, there will always be some friction because the structure is forever changing, due to movement. I understand that. Remember, my main concern was to have the filament as straight as possible while entering the hole that goes into the extruder. The stock extruder created many problems with friction, then causing small pieces of ABS plastic to be lodged into the hot-end, causing blocks/clogs while printing with PLA. When using a side mounted spool your fighting two degrees of friction instead of one. At least, that's how I see it. I would love to see some testing done, but I probably won't spend the time doing so. I can only say that this particular method has worked for me since the printer cameout. I'm sure this can be improved many times over. Thanks for your input.
  3. chrisp

    Post your latest print!

    Not yet Didier, it's just something I needed. If others would like to use or modify the original design, then I will put it up for all. I guess your talking about how the printer comes with an adapter that positions the roller against the printer, sideways? My method here is something I've used since the UM2 came out. Before this design I had the spool in the exact same spot, but mounted on bearings that sat against the bottom/base that the printer sits on. I wanted a contraption that was mounted to the printer instead of one that could possibly move when friction comes into play. This setup works great and has, since I first starting using since I bought the printer. I can almost use a roll of filament to the very end without any noticeable problems. I don't see any reason to extend the handle to the side unless there is a limited amount of space behind the printer. For me this is not the case. You can see there's hardly any arc and the filament goes straight in.
  4. chrisp

    Post your latest print!

    I haven't posted or even visited the forums since the revamp. I see quite a few awesome and new products available as well in the store. Anyhow, my original low friction spool holder kind of broke to pieces recently, so I decided to design a new one using iRobert's design as a portion of it. I came up with something I call the UM2 Spool Tool. It can support single or dual extrusion and can hold a tool organizer, while still using the original cut-outs. I am a huge fan of using hardware to attach prints and also of big prints. Hardware isn't 100% necessary, but greatly improves the overall look and feel of the design. Another aspect that concerned me was to get the spool as close to the extruder as possible so the only friction that is caused would be from the filament traveling through the tubing. Here are some pics:
  5. Just as title says, any info would be much appreciated.
  6. chrisp

    Aluminium muffins

    I'm in the process of making one very similar to this from old parts I have laying around at my shop. Instead of a steel bucket I'm using an old evap fan blower housing and some 3" steel pipe for the crucible. If all goes well, the next step will be smelting copper with a completely different setup. Surely you can't be much older than most of the community here.....
  7. Will, Since you had abs in that nozzle I fear that it might be the culprit if you haven't found anything else from the suggestions above. When I use abs on the um2 I have to use the atomic method about 6 to 8 times at various temperatures to get all the abs out. I use leftover rolls of white and heat up the hot end to 250 C and manually push the filament through then let it cool to 60 C and manually pull out to clear the nozzle completely. Usually there are little black bits that are attached to the white filament. I repeat until all the black is gone. In order to manually feed I am using Roberts feeder which makes it easy.
  8. chrisp

    Post your latest print!

    Here's the Dishwasher Rack Adjuster print hot off the press before it gets assembled and put through the fail test in the dishwasher. I only had to make 1/2. It's printed in ABS.
  9. chrisp

    Dishwasher Parts!

    Did you print the parts with 100% infill? I can't open the pics, but now I'm torn between being just plain stubborn or listening to your experience. The reason I'm going through the trouble of this post is because I will have to buy the filament and I want to make the right choice... I know the parts will most likely fail again if I buy them. On the other hand, I can still design, print, and test the part and when I fail I will still have a great roll of filament..... I wonder what these parts were originally made of.
  10. chrisp

    Dishwasher Parts!

    Thanks for the info. I'm not sure if there is a concern when washing dishes clean and having a printed part in the mix, but I just want to be as safe as possible since I care about my family and their well being. I never eat from my dishwater either, but I do eat off the items coming out of it. :mrgreen: There is some force. It is an adjustment that raises and lowers the top rack so that bigger plates can fit underdneath it, so it holds the weight of the entire top rack when adjustments are made. I think mine washed somewhere around 165 F
  11. chrisp

    Dishwasher Parts!

    Not to discredit your statement about it being food safe, but where did you find where it says XT is food safe? I looked on Colorfab's website and could not find anything.
  12. chrisp

    Dishwasher Parts!

    Any recommendations on PET brands sold in the US that are top quality? I haven't used this filament yet. I found some at Made Solid which seems to have decent reviews.
  13. chrisp

    Dishwasher Parts!

    Has anyone printed replacement parts for a dishwasher using ABS? I have 2 of these rack adjusters that have weak hooks which break very easily. of course the machine is out of warranty now. Just wandering if anyone has had some luck with dishwasher parts.
  14. Did you check the small fan cooling the nozzle end when your under extrusion occurs? It could be stopping. It's suppo to be on all the time. The one directly behind the aluminum block. Also, check what the nozzle temperature reads until the under extrusion happens. Sometimes you can see Huge fluxuations. How is your filament mounted? Is it on the factory spool holder clipped to the back or did you upgrade to something better with bearings? Sometimes at the end of the spool the filament gets extremely tight coiled causing a tremendous amount of friction. Just trying to give you some other things to check.
  15. chrisp

    Post your latest print!

    I was able to complete it last night after 25+ hours of straight printing. I did have to reprint 1 small part and fix the file slightly, but it looks, feels, and works as intended. The only thing I'm missing are some 8mm rods about 12" in length. The ones I have are just a little short, but good enough for testing. The carriage weighs about 2lbs. Fully assembled with the brake/locking mechanism attached. Here are some pics of the MARS 2. There's a total of 12 printed parts and I printed the prototype in my least favorite color, since i had a full roll sitting around.

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