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  1. Hi, I have an Ultimaker 1 and I used Google sketchup to design an object (handle) for printing. I have managed to complete the design to the best of my ability and its quite basic, but it is "watertight" and seems to be ok. I then imported the file into Cura and it accepted it and showed me the layers that it would perform. The problem is the interior of the object has a thatched "scaffolding" inside it - I assume so the object can be printed without collapsing in on itself. I did a test print and the object printed great - only it is somewhat weak structurally, due to it not being solid. I wanted the object to be completely solid - so there is no scaffolding inside. Is this a setting in Cura that I am overlooking? In google sketchup, the object is indeed "hollow" and the individual "walls" of each surface is 2D. Do I need to fix my original design in Sketchup (I have no idea how to make the design solid) or is there any advice anyone can give? Thanks.
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