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  1. Hi all, Its printed, finaly. @gr5: Yes, I used the SD. USB is not working at all in combination with my Mac. I will contact support to solve the "skipping" problem Thank for your advice. Its rather inconvenient if it blows out after an hour printing. @Iluminarti thanks again. Most things worked out. Hereunder the results. It skipped again, but now after 30% of the fourth layer. It managed to come over it at the fifth layer so I didn't abort the print. After it was ready you could see the effect on the side (bad bonding) This morning however, it was ready. And I'm happy with the result The print is pretty accurate to: it fits perfect, as designed o the z-axis of our little beast. Ends well all well.
  2. Well its printing. Some print (100%) same parameters, same G-code. And now it skipped in the fifth layer over 70% of the layer. So it looks completely random. No alterations of speed temperatuur,environment temperature none what so ever. If it is not a buffer issue, what can it be. Even an Arduino is a computer. Same input & same instructions = same output. (in the theoretical world it is). I havent seen this in my smaller objects. So there are already three people who encountered the same issue. Something in the firmware? Can anyone tell me how to emulate or simulate the process? grtz Aad
  3. @gr5, sorry to confuse you. The initial problem was indeed no output within a few lines. But after the alterations I made advised by Iluminarti it printed nice and smooth for appr. 75% of the first layer and then it jumped to the second layer. the weird thing is it printed just fine scaled down at 25%. Now the back fan is fixed I'll try to print a 75% scale version of the object. I tried to read the G-code and cannot see anything strange. It is a lot of G-code however, so it took me a while to follow the imaginary lines on a sheet of paper. So fingers crossed. I start from factory settings, calibrate the build platform and load new filament. I'll post the results of this run later on.
  4. Hi All, thanks for thinking along. Its really helping a lot. I fixed the back fan. had some small connectors laying around. The fan is up and running as soon the UM2 is powered up. Regarding the skipping of random layer parts. Just a thought: Could it be a memory-problem? I'm new to 3D printing but work computers for ages. In earlier days (the 80s) shortage of memory could really mess-up running programs (buffer overflow etc) I have no idea how the G-code is buffered in the UM firmware. I read the link you mentioned Iluminarti. And that object was also quit substantial. anyone??
  5. thanks for all the help and support guy's. I'll fix the fan firsr. The G-code is in you're post. Hope you'll find what is wrong with it. best regards. Grtz Aad
  6. You're correct. Its lose. Worse. The connector is missing. What is left is a red wire with a cableshoe on the hotend site. and a lose pair at the other site. So I have to get a new connector for it. I'll call Ultimaker tomorrow. The print went reasonably well for 75% of the bottom layer. Then it stopped and started the second layer. :-( so it messed up again. But I'll keep on trying. Some day I will finish this %^$&* object grtz Aad
  7. Hi Ilumnarti, I followed you're recommendations, a little faster and also set the bottom layer in expert settings to nill. back vent is not moving. I don't see how to switch it seperate from the other fans. Its in progress know and further then before. So perhaps..??
  8. Hi Iluminarti, initial layer thickness .3 mm layer thickness .2 mm Bottom layer speed 20 mm/sec Fan off rest speed 50 mm/s Heated plate 60 degrees celsius Shell thickness .8 mm ( but not realized aborted it before first layer is finished) Temp 220 and 225 (two attempts) material flow 100% and second attempt 80% symptoms: First lines very smooth and nice melted after circa 12 lines of appr. 10 cm length lines become thinner. little peaks are formed. after two lines it stutters and within the next two lines it is completely over. There is no extrusion anymore. The bowdendriver tries to push up th filament but fail to push it through the extruder. Remedies I tried: Complete cleaned the nozzle (disassembled , cleaned it completly, assembled). The same print scaled down to 25% cam out very well. Tried it at full scale. Well you can see the result. grtz Aad
  9. Sorry IRobertI, that didn't do the trick> The fiorst few lines were ok, but it stopped extruding at exactly the same spot. There is planty of room from filament from the spool. What on earth can it be. I'm lost. here the prints regards Aad
  10. OK IRobertI, I'll try that. I use an industrial feeler for levelling. so its 0.1 mm now and the speed down to 50 mm/sec. I'm patience so and don't care if it takes the whole evening (and it probably will take that long) It's just frustrating that the same model prints nice at 25% scal and nothing at 100%. it looks like the nozzle gets to hot after appr. 5 cm of infill I'll keep you posted on the results
  11. Hi there, Printing of small objects is improving. However I need a larger object for another machine we're building. I'm not succeeding in printing the first layer. See pictures attatched. I've tried ranging temp from 220 - 230 printspeed 70 mm/sec and even speed reduced with 50% level the bed 5 times. .25mm under the (heated) nozzle and .30mm under the heated Nozzle Changed Filament. Unclogged the Nozzle (because I thought it was clogged) then printed a small Item and tat went well. Started the big object and there it was again. Failure Searched this forum and other forums. Closed up the frontend of the printer with aluminium foil in order to maintain a constant temp in the print area. I'm out of idea's right now. any suggestions grtz Aad
  12. Hi Illuminarti, that did the trick. thnx
  13. Hi all, I've installed Cura 13.11 on my Mac (OSX 10.8.5) And it really messing up the G-code. The coordinates are way out of the platform. On a other Mac no problems ( but thats not my Mac) For example the first few lines of the robot gCode wich was delivered with the UM2 and the GCode of the same file generated with Cura. The original: ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 13.10 ;FLAVOR:UltiGCode ;TIME:1806 ;MATERIAL:3083 ;total_layers=337 ;LAYER:0 M107 G0 F3600 X104.25 Y103.73 Z0.30 ;TYPE:SKIRT G11 G1 F1200 X104.52 Y103.48 E0.04387 G1 X105.03 Y103.07 E0.12234 G1 X105.33 Y102.88 E0.16595 G1 X105.90 Y102.58 E0.24275 G1 X106.23 Y102.46 E0.28466 G1 X106.82 Y102.29 E0.35877 G1 X107.15 Y102.22 E0.39942 G1 X107.64 Y102.18 E0.45821 And the generated by Cura 13.11 on my Mac ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 13.11 ;FLAVOR:UltiGCode ;TIME:1630 ;MATERIAL:3477 ;total_layers=337 ;LAYER:-2 ;RAFT G0 F9000 X-0.01 Y-11.70 Z0.30 ;TYPE:SUPPORT G11 G1 F1200 X0.19 Y-11.72 E0.04254 G1 X0.90 Y-11.73 E0.19187 G1 X0.95 Y-11.73 E0.20237 G1 X1.23 Y-11.73 E0.25928 G1 X1.42 Y-11.73 E0.29981 G1 X1.46 Y-11.73 E0.30821 G1 X2.01 Y-11.73 E0.42435 G1 X2.45 Y-11.73 E0.51570 Anyone an idea how to solve this? Cura 13.11.2 is not the solution. That will not even launch. but crashes immediatly is there anyone out there who can help me? Aad
  14. Ok, thank you very much for your answers. I won't spend any time on it anymore and just go for the SD. Most of the time the SD works fine. Still some problems with centre the object in the middle of the printing platform. So I have to work out where the G-code messes up. Here an example. (or should I start a new thread?) ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 13.11 ;FLAVOR:UltiGCode ;TIME:4086 ;MATERIAL:17717 ;total_layers=158 ;LAYER:-2 ;RAFT G0 F9000 X72.93 Y77.50 Z0.30 ;TYPE:SUPPORT G11 G1 F1200 X-14.16 Y3.07 E0.36822 G1 X-13.69 Y4.76 E0.73728 G1 X-13.01 Y6.37 E1.10384 G1 X-12.15 Y7.89 E1.47116 G1 X-11.11 Y9.30 E1.83871 G1 X-9.91 Y10.57 E2.20683 G1 X-8.57 Y11.69 E2.57220 G1 X-7.09 Y12.64 E2.94251 G1 X-5.51 Y13.40 E3.30881 G1 X-3.86 Y13.97 E3.67532 G1 X-2.14 Y14.33 E4.04436 G1 X-0.41 Y14.48 E4.41098 G1 X1.34 Y14.43 E4.77867 G1 X3.06 Y14.16 E5.14416 G1 X4.76 Y13.69 E5.51475 G1 X6.37 Y13.02 E5.87944 G1 X7.89 Y12.15 E6.24856 G1 X9.30 Y11.11 E6.61627 G1 X10.57 Y9.91 E6.98364 G1 X11.69 Y8.57 E7.34902 G1 X12.64 Y7.09 E7.71914 G1 X13.40 Y5.52 E8.08450 G1 X13.97 Y3.86 E8.45348 G1 X14.33 Y2.15 E8.82124 G1 X14.48 Y0.41 E9.18786 G1 X14.43 Y-1.34 E9.55429 G1 X14.16 Y-3.07 E9.92337 G1 X13.69 Y-4.76 E10.29009 G1 X13.01 Y-6.37 E10.65817 G1 X12.15 Y-7.89 E11.02513 G1 X11.11 Y-9.30 E11.39331 G1 X9.91 Y-10.57 E11.76068 G1 X8.57 Y-11.69 E12.12606 G1 X7.09 Y-12.64 E12.49542 G1 X5.51 Y-13.40 E12.86322 G1 X3.86 Y-13.97 E13.23014 G1 X2.15 Y-14.33 E13.59831 G1 X0.41 Y-14.48 E13.96493 G1 X-1.34 Y-14.43 E14.33115 G1 X-3.07 Y-14.16 E14.69982 G1 X-4.76 Y-13.69 E15.06821 G1 X-6.37 Y-13.02 E15.43478 G1 X-7.89 Y-12.15 E15.80116 G1 X-9.30 Y-11.11 E16.17039 G1 X-10.57 Y-9.91 E16.53746 G1 X-11.69 Y-8.57 E16.90389 G1 X-12.64 Y-7.09 E17.27279 G1 X-13.40 Y-5.52 E17.63956 G1 X-13.97 Y-3.87 E18.00627 G1 X-14.33 Y-2.15 E18.37511 G1 X-14.48 Y-0.41 E18.74195
  15. Hello everyone, I've just bought my first 3D printer the Ultimaker 2. It's print quality is exceeding my expectations. There is only one problem so far: When I try to print directly from my computer the z-axis stays at the homing position and the printhead starts printing in the far left corner. When I save the same g-code on the SD card and print it from that everything works just fine. I'm currently using a macbook air running OSX 10.8.5 and Cura 13.11. Also I'm unable to see the print button in Cura. Anyone who has any experience with this problem? Grtz Aad
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