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  1. I have finally had time to print the same g-code with lower acceleration (1500). The surface looks much nicer but still not as nice as our Ultimaker original. Im satisfied with the result but hopefully I will have time to experiment a little bit more in the near future.
  2. Thank you illuminarti and gr5 for quick responses. I will definitely try to print it again with lowered acceleration. Regarding the angle/notch All three fans are working properly. I had to change polarity on the hot end fan when the machine was delivered but other than that they have worked fine. I have tried different speeds on the fans in the tune/fan menu and it's no problem there. The Cura used for slicing was 13.12 since it was actually sliced before christmas. I will double check if the fans turn on gradually but I believe they do. The fact the the UM2 doesn't save all the setting
  3. Hi everyone, Before anyone wonders I will start by saying that the word on the opener in the picture is an internal joke between me and a friend and has very little to do with this topic. It was just the model that I printed when I realized there was a difference in printing quality between our Ultimaker original and our UM2. This is my first post in the forum but I am an old Ultimaker fan and user. We have an old Ultimaker original (about 2,5 years old) at our office and since we bought an UM2 it has not got the attention it deserves =( But yesterday we test printed the classic bottle o
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