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  1. Dim3nsioneer, thanks for your reply. I wanted to download the plugin as the one that is in my plugin directory does not work as expected, it does not pause at the requested height. I will have to find a solution for that...
  2. I tried to download a plugin (pauseatz.py), but do not get the file, instead it returns with "upload file"... I think I am doing something wrong?? Hans
  3. I used imageJ to convert CT scan slices into 3D object that could be printed on Ultimaker. Works fine, cannot yet show results awaiting publication... ImageJ is free!
  4. IRobertI Thanks for your help! I'm afraid that the backside of my object is not flat at all, so I cannot turn it around. What amazes me is that before I had my own Ultimaker2 this object was printed via 3DHUBS on an Ultimaker original, and did not show the problems I have. It looks like the distance between the "lines" of PLA on top of the support material are too far apart or too thin, causing a very irregular surface. Next, they are fixed too strong to the support material, so it is extremely difficult to separate.. I am new to Ultimaker and these are my first 3D prints, so I do not yet know all terminology... Hope I am clear enough! Hans
  5. I am trying to print an object that needs a support, the middle part is around 1.5 mm away from the glassplate. Cura adds support for this, but after printing it is extremely difficult to remove the support material and the surface that appears then is very low quality. What do I do wrong? See my pictures in the gallery 3Dingen, dont know how to add pictures here! Thanks for your help!
  6. Sander, thanks for the info, I'll be more patient... She is printing ground floor of my house...
  7. She arrived safely home! I made my first robot, took a while before the filament came out, but now it is working. I only did not find the promised voucher in the shipment today.. Looked like the box was opened?
  8. Xperiment, I did not get any email from Ultimaker yet (shipping at the end of the day, they wanted to go home I can imagine), but checked the R..... Code on DHL like GR5 told us. Maybe there is hope for you?
  9. Yeah! She's on her way home!!!!! Thanks GR5 for the link! Amazing to see that she makes a roundtrip from Amsterdam to Brussels and then Eindhoven before coming to me!
  10. Hi Sander, I did send you a personal message, but no answer yet Im' afraid. Any news? Hans
  11. Hi Sander, I am also interested in info regarding my UM2 (order date Oct 24). I cannot find any statusinfo, did not receive any update, just your email indicating week 52 as guaranteed delivery date. I reacted on this email including questions regarding the $150 voucher, but I'm afraid I did not receive any reaction.. Getting nervous now... Hans
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