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  1. i've figured it out!, the connection on above the printer head wasn't correct. thanks anyway for your reply, i feel kind of stupid that this issue took me several hours xD.
  2. hi, i've got an Ultimaker 1 of only 6 weeks old, and after a stand still period of 2 weeks doesn't the printer work anymore, i've figured out that the heating does work, but the tempreture sensor shows only 11 - 14 degrees of diffrence. what happens next is the heating doesn't stop if i try to preheat the printerhead, and it gets overheated. i checked all the electronics, and still no change, i've tried to get the sensor out the printer head but it's very well stuck in there, with no movement possible. thanks for reading, and i hope you can give me any tips or tricks to make this Ultimaker work again. (i got a spare printer head) Arie Johannes de Vries from the Netherlands
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