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  1. i do have some of that and do wipe down when i lay new tape
  2. I eventually run out of my gratis blue masking tape... I noticed it was made by 3M so ordered some wider 3M blue tape. The original blue tape stuck like a mother and after every single print the blue tape would need to be changed as it would tare in the removal etc etc. But the new blue tape (as well as trying standard white masking tape... and very expensive green 'frog tape') doesnt stick very well at all. I have to use V05 hair gel spray to get a slight stick as well as a raft. Im just wondering what you guys use to increase adhesion ? ps.. I haven't got a heated bed.
  3. Thanks for you advice this is know complete. I am missing the different % i can set for my printing as i usually have ouside line : 90% inside : 120% fill : 120 support 150% and with the UC its one percentage for all. but thats ok i just set it at 70mm/p/s and be done with it
  4. think i found it.. in cura export geode and save that to the card. out of interest does it need the stl files in there to or is the geode file enough ?
  5. I finally got my SD reader and finished building my ulti controller... everything works fine now, and the card is recognised when i put the card in and get "card menu" etc etc etc now i see folders inside my SD card, but i don't see any STL's umm - err - ??? I'm almost certain the controller can read STL files and feel daft asking that question... what else could it be. It is a 2gb SD (standard) Fat32
  6. Good good mate, I'm not a yam yam though, I was originally from Reading, and moved here in 2001
  7. does it need a plugin for c++ si
  8. non ultimaker related, but I'm sick of googling haha any programmers out there... I'm looking for a C++ editor and compiler etc (full suite would be nice) what do you recommend, i see the biggies are spoke of being MS and boolean. but can't find them. I did download C-Free 5.0 but that doesn't recognise the simplist commands like 'cout' lol a url would be nice ;-)
  9. ok, downloaded and all the C++ etc loaded file, drag it around and it looks the same as it did in sketchup, what exactly am i mean to be looking for that different?
  10. being a very poor reader illuminarti... is there a video tut for meshlab? im reading it now and its somewhat cumbersome. :-/
  11. i only wanted a few layers to print to see if i got the size right.. as the hole in the toilet is 41mm in diameter. But when i saw the whole of the bottom start to print i was confused... yes nancy i 'expected it to print like your vase, and then cancel print after 3-5 layers. i need the hole in the centre to only be 10-20mm vacant (it isnt exact)then a 7mm pin hangs from the button... through the tube/screw and then connects to a lifting leaver
  12. hmmmm not too good lol here is my files if anyone wants to look https://www.dropbox.com/s/g4rcb2kvynx8b4y/toilet-bolt.zip?m=
  13. thank you very much guys... none of my horrible fix were ticked, so ill tick them and give it a go and also try the xray technique too
  14. Im using Sketchup (as its easy to use) to make a part for our toilet and the flush is broken... basically ive created a hollow thread screew exported to stl then open in cura... cura shows exact what i have created... but when i hit print, its prints the screw a a full screw instead of a hollowed out middle... why does cura 'show' the hollowed out centre but print something completely different =/ ta Lee
  15. In the print mode of cura, it displays the height in mm... i always have my cura layout in layer mode, is it possible to maybe display the "current layer" next to the layer height in the print menu so i can easily see what layer I'm printing on instead of an approx/guess? Lee
  16. i set these setting as a default but im not 100 % on them... can someone give some information other than the popup text in cura about these and how they impact on your prints etc
  17. Im looking on google for a seamstress to make me a nice dust cover for my ultimaker... obviously with the cost of these babies i want to give it the best treatment as i can. Im just wondering if anyone has done this? am i going overboard? I am currently treating this printer better than my own children lol
  18. Hello from Birmingham, ive not had mine very long and the help on this forum beats ANY OTHER SITE hands down, dont be afraid to ask a question - people here will be very helpful.
  19. Thats perfect printing now already at 25% and looking good
  20. id buy a clone off ebay... it would be delivered faster than it would print... but slow and steady would be best
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