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  1. Yes! Thank you gr5, your advice helped. :smile: This time the print was okay...
  2. Thank you all for the advice. I'll try a new print today with the proposed 'fix horrible' settings.
  3. Hi everybody, I'm trying to print a cilinder on which a dragon is projected. Somehow, I am facing the same problem over and over again. When the printer starts to print the part where the dragon is located, the printer seems to skip layers of the cilinder itself. No matter which settings, temperature, speed etc. Everytime it starts to skip at exactly the same height. I've tried to recreate the stl, but still the same effect. When I look at the file in Cura, I notice that there are some irregularities there. But when checking in my 3D program (Cinema4D), all seems OK. Can somebody please c
  4. I've talked to the UM team yesterday. They expect to go live with the dual extruder around July. The price has not been set, but approx between € 200-300.
  5. Been there today. A lot of different manufacturers. It was interesting to see and compare the various products. Also seen some nice filament which I'm going to try. (Transparent _XT from ColorFabb, and some glow-in-the-dark filament). I've had the chance to talk briefly to the UM-team. It was a pleasure! And for the dual extruder in July? Count me in! :smile:
  6. Wow, Ian, that looks promising! I really would like to follow your example, but honestly I'm a bit scared to just take away the original parts and start drilling and screwing in my brand new UM2. Your printing speed is great. For me to get a nice print, I print at about 50/60 mm/s. Pfff... what shall I do? My knowledge of the printer is still very basic...
  7. As promised Sigi, my WoodFill helicopter :smile: : Also printed with the standard 0.4mm nozzle.
  8. Sigi, thank you! Yesterday evening I've printed for the first time with woodfill (same helicopter) and I've used your adviced settings. It worked flawless! Pictures to follow of course, but my wife kidnapped me to bed since it was too late (again). ;-) Immediately after the woodfill I've printed a PLA cube to remove all remaining filament. Worked fine for me.
  9. Just received the needles Ian had suggested. My nozzle isn't blocked yet, but got them just in case... :-)
  10. I've also tried it on my desktop. Layerview is build from top to bottom. No issue for me, just noticed. :-)
  11. Also some delay over here. Received my UM2 on Jan 27th without some rolls of filament which I've ordered. Estimation was the rolls would be shipped the first week of February. So far no result. I'm completely aware that the guys at UM are working their ass off to deliver a good product within a reasonable time. So I give them the credit, but it would also be nice if they keep the customer informed if the scheduled delivery changes. Not when the customer asks for the info, but proactive get in touch with them. When the customer has to ask, they're too late. Again, I understand the problems
  12. Hi Sigi, thanks for your post! Yesterday I also received the Colorfabb Woodfill 'Fine', so I will give it a go tonight. I will start with your advised settings. :-)
  13. Booleans can be useful sometimes, but most of the time gives a very ugly mesh. OK for 3D printing, hell for animation. ;-) (Cinema4D user)
  14. Thank you gr5, then I will leave the SD card in the printer. An additional question on which you probably know the answer: What is the purpose of the USB cable connected to the printer? Do I only have to connect it for a firmware update? Up to now I've kept my printer connected to the PC, but since it reads the data from the SD card, I don't see the reason to keep the printer connected.
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