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  1. Inspired by Personal Drones post, I'd like to show some pictures of a redesign of Spidex Micro (on Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:326062).

    The lateral parts got extended to mount the base plate upside down (for my understanding the correct orientation), the base plate got adjusted to be more stronger at the motor mounts, the mount for the FPV antenna got adjusted.

    Printed with PLA.

    Flying like a speedy bumblebee! :-P :-P :-P

    A first flight video will be available on Youtube soon (just uploading):

    20150301 110250

    20150305 222607

    20150305 222642

    20150305 222734

    20150307 174924

    20150308 123229

    20150311 204759

    20150311 204822

    20150311 204831

    20150311 204842


  2. Looking at your designs Sigi let me think that I also should start producing.... a son :smile:

    Otherwhise I can´t explain why printing toys...

    That´s one of the best examples for usefull useage of a "men´s toy" as my girlfried always name it.

    Imagine, how expensive such nice toys are in the shop... "Honey, we saved money..."


    I never calculated how expensive a son will be until he starts to have breakfast in his own four walls .... :-P :-P :-P Not sure if a 3D printer might be cheaper ... :shock:

    Anyhow you should definitely start producing .... a son :-P Printing toys together with a son is the 'real tinkering'. :cool:


  3. What I learned since Friday is, that drawing and rendering on the PC is far away from the reality. :-P :-P

    It took some attempts to get all the prints finished in a way that everything fits together.

    But this noon the last part went out of the UM2.

    Next the first pictures of my son's new excavator: :-P :cool: :-P

    20140302 123416

    20140302 123442

    20140302 123547

    20140302 123500

    20140302 120146

    20140302 120134


    I would be thankful for some advice about which filament to use for the chains to get them flexible.

    Which flexible filament should I try?


  4. Hello, if i can see good your fan holder is bent wrong. Look at this picture i made, you will see how to correctly bend it. Left picture is of your head and right one is of normal UM2 head



    @ hacklordsniper: These two pictures helped me yesterday evening a lot! I had exactly the same issue that the left fan was hitting the housing of the Ultimaker 2. My first idea was also to check the limit switch. However the fan holder was bent not enough.

    Very strange as at the beginning I hadn't any issue with hitting the housing. Maybe this is somehow caused by the acceleration of the print head, causing the fan holder to slightly bend outwards and at some point hitting the housing.

    Anyway: Issue solved! :-P Thanks for the two pictures!


  5. Hi Aaron,

    thanks for the comment.

    I'm not sure if I have really tamed the WoodFill beast on UM2. However what I figured out is that there is a rapid raising learning curve with using this filament.

    I will post a 'how I'm using WoodFill' in the appropriate thread (http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/3316-colorfabbs-new-woodfill-pla-hehehe/) tomorrow.

    In the meantime, my aircraft fleet got some additional support. We're now flying with 2 helicopters :-P and a brand-new biplane :-P :

    20140218 200101

    20140218 200322

    20140218 200012

    20140218 195940

    And I think this is also the limit what's possible with WoodFill. The diameter of the supports carrying the upper wing is only 2,5 mm.

    I wondered that they still came out to be usable.

    Again: a real wonderful material (maybe I'm here somehow inherited as my grandpa and my uncles have been and are still carpenters...)


  6. very cute model Sigi !! like it and !! you get extra brownie points for printing with woodfill !! not the easiest material to handle in the world :wink:

    Ian :smile:


    Thanks for the brownie points! :-P

    You're so right with handling woodfill - but it's the headache worth!


  7. Received yesterday my first spool (and I'm sure it's not the last one) of colorFabb WoodFill.

    Just in time for the maiden flight - oops, maiden print of the helicopter my sun and me designed last Sunday (my sun as the art director, me as the heavy worker with too low salary :-P ) :

    20140217 193155

    20140217 193012

    20140217 192943

    What a wonderful material! :-P


  8. Hey Sigi,

    what kind of filament is this? Looks awesome.


    Yes, I also love this color very much.

    However the filament is a beast.

    It's from iGo3D: https://www.igo3d.com/en/filament-1-kg-yellow-3mm-pla.html

    The diameter is 3 mm (not 2.85).

    It doesn't like to easily stick on the build platform. I had to experiment with the temperature a while, ended up that 75° is a good value (where I print all other filaments with 60°). For every print with this yellow PLA I have to use the glue stick for the heated bed.

    And all this still sometimes causes that the PLA doesn't stick to the build platform while printing the first two layers.

    In case these two layers are okay, the whole print will finish without problems.

    It seems as if this color causes the PLA to have a somehow different consistency compared to other filaments.

    Nevertheless, I like the color! :-P


  9. Last Monday my children came back from school with a huge order for key-chains. All started already 3 weeks ago where I printed key-chains for my two girls. Their schoolmates asked them, if I would also create some for them.

    Carelessly I agreed :-P :-P :-P

    The order was really huge:

    20140215 202912

    It was really a lot of fun to print these key-chains.


  10. Hey guys, I finally built my Ultimaker last week and decided to check what this puppy can do.

    For my second print, I decided to give Yoda a chance and printed him at .06mm layer height.

    This is what he looks like after some sanding and a paintjob:


    Let me know what you guys think! I would be happy to know if you have some tips for squeezing more juice from the original Ultimaker. :)


    It's every time amazing to see what's possible to get out of an Ultimaker.

    The painting makes a part each time complete. The Yoda is appearing very nice!

    I'm not a painter, therefore I'm always impressed when seeing such a sculpture.

    Welcome to this forum!


  11. Last week a friend asked me if it's possible to print a replacement hook for a workshop lamp that got broken. I told him, this is absolutely no problem... :shock:

    Drawing this hook was very quickly done, however printing was a challenge.

    My first attempt was to print it lying flat with support, this ended up with a loose sphere (the one at the end of the hook). Next try was to printing it standing upright with Raft and support, however this was also not successful (not enough contact area to keep the print on the build platform).


    Therefore I decided to print it in two half hooks and glue them together:


    hooks In Cura


    20140201 195449


    The workshop lamp is now complete again. Mission accomplished! :cool: :cool:


  12. Of most note, I suggested she try the 'Cool Head Lift' feature, and it worked really well on the light on top. Great detail, and no re-melting. For scale, the light is 11mm high; the spike on top is 1.5mm high.


    I never realized that there is this 'Cool Head Lift' feature.

    Thanks for bringing this up! Highly appreciated!


  13. The print was done with PLA.


    I changed the print speed by using the Tune menu during the print (while sitting in front of the UM2 and enjoying the perfect print quality).

    I just wanted to try if there is any underextrusion happening while speeding up. But no missing Filament at all up to 80 mm/s.

    At the soaring parts of the print I manualy reduced back to 70 mm/s.


    I just used the heated bed with 75 °C. Cleaned this before the print with a soft tissue. :-) :-) However I'm sure that there is no fat on it at all.

    No glue, no hairspray, just the heated bed.




  14. Day 6 with UM2:

    UM2 just finished a part with the largest plain surface for me until now.

    No problems at all.

    Layer height: 0,2

    Print speed: started with 50 mm/s and went up to 80 mm/s, the top part of the print was done with 70 mm/s

    Nozzle temp: 210 °C

    20140122 185458

    20140122 200102

    20140122 202306

    20140122 202334


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