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  1. shurik

    What ABS to buy?

    Well, the amount of the replies is overwhelming... ? Is it something in the post?
  2. shurik

    What ABS to buy?

    I'm running out of black ABS and need to re-stock. What are your recommendations for best quality ABS available in Europe? I mainly print parts of prosthetic hands for children and such, so it must be durable and to look good - top quality, in short. Thanks, Alexander
  3. shurik

    Old age maintenance

    Hi Sander, I do have some black dust under the belts on my 4-years old UM2 but it works yet. Do you suggest any special maintenance in this case?
  4. shurik

    TPU 95A

    Hi, Yes. These are my settings for TPU (Ninjaflex): [material] name=Ninjaflex temperature=220 bed_temperature=50 fan_speed=100 flow=103 diameter=2.85 You can copy-paste them into your profile file.
  5. shurik

    Architektur - Wrap 3D shape

    Guten Tag @Giuseppe Nagler, Meshmixer has the option of taking the outer shell of a model. Try to play with it.
  6. shurik

    Some examples

    It looks like a great stuff, but unfortunately, both of them won't ship to my place :-(
  7. shurik

    Some examples

    @Florisvh - your prints look lovely! Myself doing something similar, it would be nice to have a talk with you. Although my experience is limited to UM2, I find the white PLA (regardless of a brand) the most challenging to print. Lower temperatures and slower speeds usually help here, to some extent. On my machine, Colorfabb Woodfill prints well with .4 nozzle. You just need to have it clean, no other special tricks that I can think of. For the models as on the pics, 20 mm/s is really slow. You should be able to get good results at 30-50 mm/s. For most of the houses, no infill or very low infill is really needed, you can do some tests. And I use Cura 15.04.6 for 95% of my prints.
  8. shurik

    Ultimaker Forum | How does it work

    Yes, as ultiarjan said, I forgot to scroll down the "Notification Settings" page and update the settings there. Have to say, that 2nd part of the page is completely invisible on the mobile device and one just have to guess it is there, as my intuitive guess was that the first "Save" button is at the bottom of the page and there is nothing more.
  9. shurik

    Ultimaker Forum | How does it work

    Somehow I'm being bombarded by new email messages for every new post in this thread despite updating the notification settings a few times from the mobile.
  10. shurik

    Ultimaker Forum | How does it work

    Well, let's try this one. Looks mostly good to me so far.
  11. shurik

    general forum feedback

    @gr5 - Sent you message. :-)
  12. shurik

    general forum feedback

    Currently not employed , so if you need a beta tester or to help you to organize the migration properly this time, I'd be glad to help.
  13. Where do you all buy it? I still cannot find a supplier who could ship it to Israel for an acceptable price.
  14. shurik

    Ninja Flex on UM 2+

    Oh, yes, absolutely so. In fact, I kept oiling every piece of the flex before inserting, and kept an oiler (ex-dust remover) around the flex that went into the bowden. That probably made the filament even more slippery.
  15. shurik

    Ninja Flex on UM 2+

    Well, that wasn't simple at all. I cut pieces of flex long enough to be inserted into the bowden and then inserted the standard PLA into the feeder's wheels. That was enough for approximately 1/2 hours of printing, then a new piece of flex had to be inserted. The whole print took almost 7 hours... Other than that, everything was default - 220C, 40C bed, 0.2mm layers, 30mm/sec, 103% flow. The surface finish was perfect, the customer was ecstatic, and that what's really matter.

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