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  1. Hello does anyone know which LCD is used in the Ulticontroller,because my LCD is still functional, but mostly unreadable because something hit it and now some pixels dont work anymore, and it is cheaper just to solder in a new LCD. your sincerly, tronic
  2. Hallo, da der max Output des PWM Signals der internen Lüftersteuerung nicht ausreicht um leistungsfähige lüfter zu betreiben, dachte ich an PWM-Lüfter, welche durch ein externe Stromquelle gespeist werden (wobei zu beachten ist, dass ich zwei Lüfter nehmen werde). Nun kenne ich mich nicht sehr gut mit den Schaltplänen des UM-boards aus und weiß somit auch nicht ob und wie das funktionieren kann. Hat jemand soetwas schonmal gemacht bzw mehr Fachwissen um eine explosionsfreie Kühlung zu garantieren? lg tronic
  3. nope i have double fans intalled so cooling cannot be the reason but thanks to you for replying i will try it out
  4. sounds good thank you for your explanation! but even if i print a cube with 1cm x 1cm x 1cm the y axis is still 0.2-0.3mm smaller than the x axis and that happens every time (note: the difference de or increase with the size of the object) so f.e. my screw holes get egg shaped
  5. Hello UM Community i got a problem that my UM1 always prints 0.2mm too little on x/y axis but on the y axis it prints 0.4mm too little so my prints, which are mostly used for mechanical systems, get unaccurate and dont fit. so instead of 10mm on x it prints 9.7 - 9.8 mm and instead of 15mm on y 14.5 -14.6 mm i looked for the y/x Steps per mm settings in my UM controller which are set both on 078.74 but i have no idea what that means or how i could change it with positive effects how can i kill most of the diffrence between the axis and also make it more accurate? lg l_tronic
  6. well ill leave it by 120 because on 150 that noise comes back an on 120 it seems to produce good results
  7. thank you for the tip! actually i made a mistake because my travelling speed was set to 150mm/s but when set it to 100 it was a lot better!
  8. i think yes, so when the printhead moves at travelspeed (350mm/s) down to the next screwhole it make that noise and i checked it again now im to 100% sure that it comes out of the stepper motor. i'll upload another movie where you can hear it hopfully better. (same link as before)
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q98vludaj1zvvdf/018e8b54ffab251058b89733410155b944dd005c4b.mp4 here is the link with a movie. you will see every time when the printhead travels to a position on the y axis it makes a loud sound
  10. Hallo ist es möglich an den normalen stromkabel vom ersten lüfter einen 2. dranzuhängen? in Reihe oder paralell? oder zerschieße ich mir damit mein mainboard, weil es den erhöhten Stromverbrauch nicht schafft? Lg tronic
  11. no only at high velocities (100-200 mm/s) (video is coming soon!)
  12. oh you misunderstood me! i dont have an UM2. Only the original. And i discovered a strange thing: only when the y axis is moving (with the stepper driver) at a high speed it makes this noise and when theres no power i can move the y axis quiet easier than the x axis and also makes a higher pitched sound
  13. Same thing if i push it by hand (power off) the y axis is much louder than the x axis but the noise seems to be produced in the printhead, maybe in the lineair bearing.
  14. Hello UM-community! i have a noise problem on the y axis when i'm running the bed leveling wizard this means when i continue and the printhead moves from the left-front corner to the left-back corner, it makes a very loud sound. (same thing from the right-back corner to the right-front corner) does anyone have an idea how to solve the problem? Thank you for coming solutions! l_tronic
  15. Hello UM community! The problem is: If I want to print the Ultimakerrobot in PLA, my Ultimaker extrudes too much PLA, so if it reaches the body of the robot (where it comes bigger) the UM doesnt print a flat "brigde". The PLA just flows down so it looks very ugly! But i heard that the UM (original) can handle flat spaces without any supportmaterial! So how can I fix it? Some Informations: Printing Temperature: 214 °C Material: PLA Size of the robot: about 2-3cm on the Z axis Printing speed: 100-200 mm/s Thanks for coming answers
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