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  1. It's nice to visit other forums and other groups of people. My favorite I would say is http://3DPrintBoard.com because it is just so active.
  2. Who here has any experience with metal printing? Will there ever be an Ultimaker that utilizes any of the metal technologies out there? Opinions?
  3. Not mainstream yet, but certainly getting there. When you can go out to a bar with 10 friends and bring up 3D Printing and be able to have an intelligent conversation with at least 7 of them about it then it will be mainstream. Give it another 24-36 months in my opinion. It's getting there!
  4. Are there certain things that are allowed and and not allowed in signatures? Links, images, etc?
  5. You know I have never tried printing on Glass before. I will have to give it a go. Can learn so much from this forum, glad I found it!
  6. This is like comparing Apples to oranges in my opinion. I used to have the Replicator 1 before trading it with a buddy. Totally different feel.
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