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  1. Hi Ishy I taped the sides of the acrylic sheet over the glass and resetted the printing to this new height. I used 80º C to help the adhesion of the PLA over the acrylic.
  2. I have an Ultimaker 2+ and would like to print a logo over an acrylic sheet (glued to the machine plate) or over an aluminum plate or even over a basic surface previously printed in PLA. If a level the machine to print to this this new surface will the print work correctly? thanks Celso
  3. Maybe you should try just to increase in Cura the travel speed to something around 150 or more.
  4. I was reviewing your suggestion and got to the conclusion that it will not work, because there is no precision in the areas painted red. Check this example that I am currently working on.You can see clearly that the red painted area do not correspond exactly to where each of the supports go. I even think that we should be able to remove parts of a given support.
  5. In many cases (maybe this is not the best example) it is difficult to identify what is selected to be deleted.
  6. Feature Request - I would like to ask you to improve the interface of the Support Blocker. As soon as we select the part we want to delete, all the drawing becomes gray (Example 2), what is an odd behavior. I suggest that when we select the support part we want to get rid of, it just becomes red (Example 3), so that then we can see clearly what we have selected and then be able to delete it.
  7. Just to give a closure to this problem. I finally decided to sent my machine to Wishbox, a competent workshop that represents Ultimaker in Brazil. I had even to design a special wooden packaging (with some foam padding inside) to guarantee that it would fly safely to Santa Catarina State from Rio. After a thorough research they discovered that the problem was in the toothed belts that were a little bit waisted. I remember seeing some black powder acumulating on one side at the top rear of the machine. They changed the belts, adjusted the tension and my Ultimaker is now working as it were brand
  8. Hey Ahoben. Great tip, thanks! I knew the other navigation options. It makes me wonder wether Cura should keep this option checked as I cannot imagine any better way to work.
  9. In other words, when I zoom in a small part its image goes out of the screen.
  10. I was always able to maintain a 3D file image at the center of the screen in Cura. To do so it was just required to click at the center of the object and then I could enlarge the image at will and it would be always at the center of the screen. This is a basic feature for adequate navigation. Maybe there is a new way to solve this, but the old way does not work anymore. How should I proceed?
  11. I think that this is a smart move by Ultimaker and the explanation given is very clear: when your company becomes bigger and starts to challenge the big guys, the game becomes tougher, and any innovation that is worth a lot of money can be easily patented by any company that may sue you and oblige you to stop using it. This has happenned a lot in corporate world and even startups must not be naive and imagine that this will not happen with them. But...once you patent something you can decide wether you will allow other companies to use it or not, and in which special conditions. T
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