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  1. Really like the design of your solution Foehnsturm. Is there a place where we are able to download your wip? Would love to give it a closer look and a try to implement it myself.
  2. The bed temperature is quite high for printing PLA. With my UM2 60 degrees is normally hot enough. I advice to re-level the bed, as this has proven to be the solution for similar problems I experienced in the past. You can adjust the initial layer thickness in Cura (expert settings), .2mm is the default value if I remember correctly.
  3. I really have no idea what kind of steps there have to be taken to make it possible. I'm not much of a programmer myself. That's why I posted it as an idea, I assumed it could possible .
  4. I guess a port might be a lot of work indeed, but maybe an app which uses cloud based processing (which I think would require less programming) is easier to make? Having the possibility to upload your .stl, change the parameters and download a gcode, should be obtainable I think? This approach is a bit similar to what Glowforge is planning to do I think, and likely more examples can be named.
  5. Hi All, With the introduction of the new 9.7inch iPad Pro yesterday, Apple posted a workflow on their website for 3D printing using the iPad Pro (http://www.apple.com/ipad-pro/experience/). It is just too bad the workflow is meant for a Makerbot (especially as Apple is reselling Ultimakers). Are there plans at Ultimaker to "port" Cura to the iPad so we can slice stl's on the new iPad's? And the next step would be to be able to save the gcode to a Ultimaker compatible SD card right on the iPad (maybe this is possible using the camera connection kit Apple sells?). As I only design as a hobby (both 3D (Shapr3D, Onshape) and illustrations) apps on the iPad become "good enough" for my purposes. One of the big missing pieces of converting from a laptop to tablet only is the ability to slice my stl's on an iPad. I know this is possible with implementing a Raspberry Pi with 3dprinterOS, but I don't like the idea of USB printing due to the stability risks. I'm looking forward to hear if there are any plans at Ultimaker to make the step to a workflow on iOS.
  6. Solved the problem yesterday, I had some serious clogging issue it seems. When I did set the hot end to 260 degrees centigrade, and took off the bowden tube I could not feed the filament through by hand. Eventually I did got it right by using a needle(as Ian proposed) on the downside and manually feeding filament from above, now I'm printing at 220degrees 70 or 80mm/s with layer thickness 0.12mm without a problem! Thank you guys!
  7. Thanks for the quick response Ian and Illuminarti! The layer height was between 100 and 200micron during my tests, most of the time 120 micron. Cleaning my nozzle did not make any difference, and it my thermocouple/thermistor (still do not know what's used in the Ultimaker). Spiralizing is set off in the settings. Next thing I will check are the connectors at the controller board. Does anyone know why the guys at ultimaker chose for such a small hot end? It seems there is space for a hottend twice as large?
  8. Hi everybody, I'm using an Ultimaker 2 for half a month now, but have some questions regarding the print temperature. When I'm printing PLA, the blue one from Ultimaker or a green one from an other supplier, I have to set my extruder temperature to 250 degrees to be able to print with 80mm/s. I do not know if this is normal for an Ultimaker 2 or it happens because my thermocouple or thermistor is not working well. When I reduce the temperature of my hot end to 230 or something like that the UM2 extruder will skip steps and show under extrusion. Can someone tell me of the temperature I am using is normal with 80mm/s? Thanks!
  9. Actually this is a good design decision. Thanks too this decision the center of the motor is always well alligned for good extrusion. I also had some challenge getting the motor back in the right place after I had too refix the grindwheel since it has come loose. A bit of challenge is not always that bad, and not having too many holes in the cover and integrating different functionalities into one screw is something good I think.
  10. Yesterday I got an e-mail for Sander just as they promised me(so i guess this was just a server issue or something like that). It told me the same as Sander stated above. I think the choice Ultimaker made, is the best option for a company that is still growing and cares for quality instead of quantity. After I got the explanation by mail that my printer was delayed by 2 weeks due to some extra testing for revisions to the design I was actually quite happy I still did not receive my Ultimaker 2. Within 2 weeks I will get an even more fine tuned 3d printer than when they shipped me an Ultimaker 2 last week with some quick and dirty fixes. I am still a bit down since I would love to be already printing a lot of stuff. But I am also very happy the guys at Ultimaker made this decision. Great job guys, I bet this was a hard decision!
  11. Hoanggy, It could be possible this is not going to happen. I called Ultimaker today since they told me last week on the phone the machine would be send to me by the end of the week(which made sense since I ordered on the 4th of October) and I still did not receive any track&trace info. They told me they send me an e-mail(which I did not receive) that they had new supply chain issues and that my order was scheduled for week 50 now. (Which kind of sucks because I HAD some orders to make in the first week of December...)
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