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  1. Today I tried the print again and it worked! You guys were right about the temperature and/or the spool. I put the printer in my living room for a higher temperature and unwound the spool a bit. The second picture shows it missed the very first lines but as soon as it started on the model the PLA began to flow nicely. Here some pictures of the results: The last picture shows there was one layer that didn't go well. At this point the PLA feed stopped as it was eaten out by the knurled wheel. I pushed it back and at this time I put the spool on the floor. Aft
  2. Hello all, Currently I'm trying to print a very basic model of a bearing block for my CNC but I'm encountering a problem. I'm still fairly new to 3D printing and I could really use some advice from others. When I start printing the model everything works fine; good density and layers bond well. For now these kind of results would be sufficient. Unfortunately after a couple of layers it all goes wrong. Adjacent lines do not connect properly anymore (there's a gap in between), new layers do not bond with the older ones and there's a lot of stringing going on. Does anyone k
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